John Bonner

I am a musician with training as a drummer and keyboardist.

 I have travelled all over the world with different bands, which I must admit, was great fun and a valuable learning experience. I also attended Strathclyde University majoring in computer science and electronic engineering.

I also part own and help to run a Recording/Teaching studio in Glasgow and I am a qualified Computer/Studio technician.
 I started writing on a serious level about 9 years ago and had some success in the rock markets. That success helped me build and pay for my home studio which is now complete, thankfully.

I love collaborating, as lyrics are more of a lazy point with me, because I think I could write about 20 new melodies a day, if time allowed.

I also try and write in all different styles from Classical to Pop, Rock and Country and even Celtic styles.  I like diversifying.
 I love to use technology as an aid, in music making, from the simplest programs;  like Band in a Box up to Cubase and Protools and various sample programs.

I hope you like what you hear.