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Jeffrey Steele

Bluebird Cafe`
Jan 04, 2005

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What a way to start off a brand new year! JS was rockin' the house tonight with a benefit for Alive Hospice. The place was packed and everyone was having a good time. My daughter and I had front row seats (practically within arms reach of JS) and she was lovin' every minute of it. She asked JS to do her new favorite song "Independent Trucker" (a new release on Brooks and Dunns Greatest Hits 2 CD). He's only played the song live one other time and it took him a few minutes to remember the words but once he got started (with a little help from Steve C), he really rocked (or maybe I should say 'rolled' since it is a truck driving song!)

During the show Jeff asked Tom Hambridge to come out from behind the drums to take over the mic on their co-written song "Nineteen". Tom is a great singer/songwriter/performer in his own right in addition to doing a heckuva job as JS's primary drummer.

Keep an eye on the schedules for these two guys and run, dont walk, to the show nearest you. You'll be kicking yourself for not getting there sooner!

Then at the end of the evening, Jeff gave us a couple of songs on the keyboard. What a versatile guy!!

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