Thanksgiving 2008
(these are just the ones I took - if y'all email me more I'll add 'em)

Click on any photo for an enlargement.

Motorcycle Mama

Goin' for a ride!

Waitin' by the gate

She returned safely...

... and told us all about it!

Just hangin' out

Sue watches Jan and Gabbie ...

Jan really likes babies.

Waitin' on dinner time

The Thinker (NOT!)

Dian quizzing Jack

Justin finally decided he was ready to hold Gabbie today ...

.... he held on to her a while

but she doesnt seem to mind.

Chasity, Chase and Justin waitin' to get in line for dinner.

Food ........

.... and drinks ....

... and lots of people ....

Dian and Mike watching ...

... the annual football frenzy ..

Baby Alan throws ...
(he'll be Baby Alan til he's 100!)

... again ....

Lauren says "this doesnt look so hard ....

... and then she makes a spectacular catch!

Lachelle and Alan ...

She has some peculiar stances when she throws ...

... dont you agree?

Did ya notice, the kids are playing in the street!!

It's probably all Patrick's fault.
(Everything else is!)

Lauren's really got this figured out!  Perfect positioning!

Lachelle, who are you mad at?

Patrick chases an incomplete pass ...

... then tosses it back.

Dian just cant stay off that motorcycle!

Richard and Patrick catching up on gossip. (Guys gossip too dont they?)

Lachelle looks like she's trying to think of a plan.

Sage checks on her family back home.

Little Jimmy gets in on the action. (Yes he's little Jimmy because we have another cousin named Jimmy too!)

Patrick's working on learning to throw like Lachelle!

"I got it!  I got it!"

"Hey, the sun's in my eyes!"

Jimmy tosses ....

... and Lachelle fumbles.

After dinner stroll.

Mike's trying out Jimmy's new bike.

I'm sure he's gonna ask for one for Christmas!

I dont have a clue what they are looking at.

Look! Ronnie is actually smiling!

Patrick and Sonny (oh the trouble they could get in!)

Dorsey, Kayron, and Dian.

Hanging out in the kitchen wondering why we ate so much!

The whole fam-damily!
(Well, most of it)

We were taking turns taking pics and being in them .....

One more .....

Michael and Nena Gayle.

Wow!  That looks like it's gonna be a long one!

"No, no, no!  I want it!"

I think she dropped this one too!

Ok -- time for a little Wii Bowling!!

Lauren and Anna Marie watch as Scott takes a turn.

Still Wii'ing.

Anna Marie got three spares!

Doesn't look like Jimmy was pleased with that roll.

He worked a little harder on the second one.

Amy looks on as Scott tries to give advise.

Lachelle makes these same faces when she's really bowling!

Anna Marie watches intently while she waits her turn.

And she has got it ALL figured out. 

Scott, on the other hand, has no clue!!!

Y'all come back next year, ya hear!