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Ray Herndon

Douglas Corner Cafe`
March 2, 2005

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Hooray ... another Ray Hendon show. One can certainly never get enough of Ray. Glad to see that he is doing more shows in Nashville these days. This was another power-packed performance with the whole band (sorry guys, all the pics are of Ray this time - for band pics check out the January show page!) Good buddy Jimbeau Hinson was in attendance and joined Ray onstage for "My Dog Thinks I'm Elvis" and "A Grain of Salt". Remember to check out GACtv.com to vote for "My Dog Thinks I'm Elvis" and to find out when the video will be aired. (You can see I was kinda playin' around with some of the shots. You know they are still trying to cast Waylon's part in the re-make of the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie .... I think Ray's got the hands -- and the voice -- for it. How 'bout y'all?)

Please visit RayHerndon.net for the lastest news and tour updates for Ray.
You can also order "Livin' The Dream" from the website.
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