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Jeffrey Steele

BB King's Blues Club
with Leslie Satcher, Ellis Hooks, Will Kimbrough
Feb 28, 2005

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Jeffrey in the round; something we dont get enough of these days. While I love the rockin' energy from his full band shows, it's nice to hear just Jeffrey and the guitar singing the songs the way they were written. Tonight Jeff had some difficulties with his guitar and eventually they had to mic it. While that seemed to bother Jeff a bit, it was really nice to let the voice overpower the guitar rather than the other way around. Many artists have recorded Jeffrey's songs, and they do a really great job, most of the time staying true to the way it was written; but there's just no comparison to hearing the songs done by the writer ... especially this writer.

Jeff was joined by Leslie Satcher, Ellis Brooks and Will Kimbrough. My first time to see Ellis and Will ..... though I dare say it wont be my last. I've seen / heard Leslie a few times before and I love her voice and her songs. I'm a fan for life.

Photos can also be viewed on Jeffreys official website on the "in concert" page.
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