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The Randolph County Music Association


Randolph Music Theater's Friday night "JAMBOREE!"

Welcome to our new website. We want to tell you a little about our organization and what it means to Randolph County.

When the Imperial Dinner Theater moved locations to their new theatre across town, we moved in to their old space and set to work.

Owners, Tom and Lugene Rackley, have recently expanded the building in which the Randolph Music Theater resides.
Tom says they got into it because they love music and entertainment and felt Pocahontas would enjoy a music theater for those folks who love the old traditional music that sometimes seems long forgotten.

You can hear our Friday night jamboree each Friday night at 6:30 for an evening of great entertainment and talent.

We feature different guest bands from time to time and our own house band plays at least once a month. So you all come on out and spend some time with us. You won't regret it.

Listen to the old almost forgotten songs that touched your heart, as you relive yesterday's hits. We play bluegrass, Southern gospel, and traditional country, as well as a few more modern country hits.

Once in awhile, we'll even tell a joke or two to get you laughing.

Our family welcomes you to the Randolph Music Theatre for some great family entertainment. And we hope you'll come back soon, as our website will soon feature sound clips from some of our shows.
Stay tuned for more information on these and many more exciting events.
Ya'll come see us now, you hear!

For ticket information, contact Tom Rackley at:
The Randolph Music Theater
302 N. Marr St.
Pocahontas, AR 72455

Call for Bookings ;
(870) 248-0186(fax)
Sponsored by the Randolph County Music Association and our fine sponsors