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Verse 1:
Writings on the wall in crayon
Placed without reason or concern
Brings back ancient memories
Of lessons long since learned
Dying inside without a cause
In a land of no escape
Feeling tired all the time
Locked inside a dismal fate
Clock face on the wall
With hands that still aim
Away from any hope of leaving
Everything must stay the same

We're tearing ourselves apart
Deprived from what we thought
Was the only sure way out
Trapped inside and laughing madly
Suffering from depression
Desperate for attention
And progress can't be made
Until all our problems go away.

Verse 2:
Wandering around in circles
Watching our dreams go down the drain
The other side is mocking us
With sarcastic visions of escape
I know as soon as i cross this bridge
I'll wake up in the same place
Trying to figure out how i got here
Running last in the rat race
Shattering a deafening silence
A bluejay calls a tune
A whispered melody of reason
In a dark deserted room.