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Verse 1:
Why is beer so good to me?
I drank until i couldn't see..
I fell across the hardwood floor
And slammed into the kitchen door
Out the door and through the maze
I slid into the yesterdays
The days i've lost in time and space
I want them back but can't replace
The feelings that i used to have
How little things once made me mad
I've forgotten that and left behind
Everything I once confined

Verse 2:
I never thought I'd see the day
When birds will sing and children play
On the graves of those who were here today
While widows kneel and in sorrow pray
It could be me or could be you
Or could it be you feel it too?
It's hidden in the poets rhymes
The tales from once upon a time
The secrets we weren't meant to know
Who we are and where we go
Just don't let your feelings show
Bury them deep beneath the snow.

Been looking for something hard
I'll admit i fear the dark
Maybe I've been awake too long
To try to simulate a song
But if one person would stop to think
The words will emerge from through the ink
Bend the words and you might find
Some inspiration in your fragile mind.

Verse 3:
Theres something in the air tonite,
A poets dream, a spider's plight
While mothmen prophesize the fate
Of a couple's first and final date
Should I write a song on love?
And sing about two turtle doves?
I'd rather dive across the stage
Back through the door and through the maze
I may have had too much to drink
Or lost too much sleep to think
So before my fingers start to shrink
Goodbye, good luck, good nite (i think)