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The House Is Burning

Verse 1:
I smell smoke in the breeze
And see orange light in the night
For many years the flames have grown
Out of mind but still in sight.
What started with a spark
Has turned into a blaze
While everyone wandered around
Like mice inside a maze
Never mattered much before,
So what's so different now?
I don't know who started it
Why should i put it out?

We can't stop the fire
It was lit before our time
So we stand beside the heat
And add fuel to the pyre
Officer there's nothing left to see here
Please move along
Please move along

Cuz there's a fire in our home
Noone knows who started it
It happened long ago
We all point our fingers till theres
noone left to blame
And the house is burning

Verse 2:
Ashes become the memory
Of what could have been our lives
Coughing up shards of truth
That stab our hearts like knives
A thick black fog pollutes the air
It makes my throat feel dry
I wonder when the sun will shine
As I look up to the sky
I can almost hear the inferno sing
I hear it call my name
Begging me to become the fuel
To set myself aflame.