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Gambling Man

Verse 1:
He lost a bet, he shouldn't have took it
It blew his mind
Defacing trains, exploring his brain
Shrouded in black by the campfire flame
Monkey's in the tree hiding from a dog
Old man's listenin' to some cat play guitar
And Luke Skywalker's crippled layin on a hospital bed
Mind over matter failed you this time
Brother, you lost the bet this time.

He said, "Now it's time to end this game"
Now it's time to end the game
He drew a hand he couldn't have lived with
And now it's time to end this game

Verse 2:
Pyro filled the sky with midnight fire
It blew his mind
Was it a bird or a plane?
Isn't fair to say he was somewhat insane
On top of the world or the bottom of the pile
Didn't feel a thing because of the microdot
You did some crazy sh!t when you were sober
The red ones are good, but blue is the best
Forgot to where his bullet proof vest


Verse 3:
He was born to live, I guess he was done
What would it be like if you would have won
Didn't see the ground on his way down
He was happy when he went to the grave
Philosophy never liked you much
Life probly didn't either
Is it better to win or lose the game
Shouldn't have played, it's a shame
At the end of the night the fire still burns
Man, that cat sure can play.