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Fashion Rape by Deranged

verse 1
sit down and write a song.
3 or 4 minutes long.
write down what ever comes along.
grab a pen and pad.
tell us what makes you sad.
what makes you glad.
what makes you mad.
hold on to what you have.

what if the whole world
was the same as one another
what if we all came from
the same mother. is it plain
where all the same? but where
not so hold on to what you got.

verse 2
sit down and write a song.
write about whats going on.
tell us about your entire life.
your kids.
your dog.
your ugly wife.
make it all worth while.
it means something if they
crack a smile.
even if makes you burn.
hold on to what you learn.

guitar solo

aint it grear,fashion rape.