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Burn the Homeless

Verse 1:
Tangled hair and crooked teeth
We'll run your drunk ass off the streets
Its clean up time and you're out of luck
Just throw your garbage in the truck
You say you won the Purple Heart?
Where'd you get that shopping cart?
I'll wheel you straight down the street
To the local police precinct
But there'll be no room for you
So we'll throw you in the county zoo
Let you rot untill you scream
This is not just a bad dream

The time is right to start the fight
To burn the home-less to-night
And if you'd like to sing along
Just vote for me, I'm may-or Tom

Verse 2:
The streets are run by the huddled masses
So we'll fill the air with mustard gas
I don't care what war you fought,
What award you got, what disease you caught.
Lets knock the peasants off their bench
And bury the bodys in a trench
So prepare the men for a sudden strike
It's time to start the new Third Reich
Congress approves, the President's in
So lets let the new age begin
Now let's prove just how tough we are
Because we're so much better than you are.