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Escape Tour 1981-82

In The Studio: Escape
In The Studio: Escape

06-07-81 County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA - Audience Source
Rockin' In California

06-12-81 Angel Campgrounds, Calaveras County, CA- Audience Source
Mountain Aire `81
07/27/81 Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan- Audience Source
Escape To The Rising Sun

07/31/81 Kosenihenken Hall, Tokyo, Japan- Soundboard
Escape Velocity

08/01/81 Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan- Audience Source

08/25/81 The Forum, Monteal, Canada- Audience Source
Escape To Montreal

09/01/81 Pine Knob Amphi Clarkston, MI- Audience Source
One Day Of The Week

09/05/81 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI- Soundboard
Skylyte Valley(Rubicon Reproductions release)
Blue Sky Party

10/17/81 The Omni Atlanta, GA- Audience Source

11/05/81 Summit Houston, TX- Soundboard

11/06/81 Summit Houston, TX- Soundboard
Don't Stop Lightning
Wanted...Dead or Alive

11/22/81 Great Western Forum, LA, CA- Audience Source
California Dreamin'
04/09/82 Sun Palace Hall, Fukuoka, Japan- Audience Source
Back To Japan

04/12/82 Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan- Audience Source
A Festival In Japan

04/13/82 Furitsu Tai, Osaka, Japan- Audience Source
Japan Tour 1982

04/14/82 Nagoya, Japan- Audience Source

04/16/82 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan- Audience Source
First Show At The Budokan

05/21/82 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL- Audience Source
Spring Tour `82

06/27/82 Day On The Geen, Oakland, CA- Soundboard

07/02/82 Rosebowl, Los Angeles, CA- Audience Source
Rose Bowl `82

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