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Evolution Tour

03-21-79 The Apollo. Manchester, England - Audience
Maiden England

03-19-79 Stadhalle, Offenbach, Germany- Audience Source
European Evolution

04-15-79 Shikokaido, Tokyo, Japan- Soundboard
Flying So Free

04-16-79 Kosenihenken Hall, Tokyo, Japan- Soundboard
Visited Japan

05-08-79 Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO-Soundboard
Evolution Night

05-09-79 Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO-Soundboard
Through The Rainbow
City of Broncos

05-28-79 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL- Soundboard
Shining In The Silver Moon (Rubicon Release from Master Tapes)
Evolution Stage (1cd version)
Industrial Revolution (2cd version)

06-01-79 Shea Theater, Buffalo, NY- Audience Source
Sweet & Simple

06-09-79 Capitol Center, Passaic, NJ- FM
Angels in Passaic (Rubicon Reproductions)
Pine for New Jersey

07-24-79 Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA- Audience Source
Live At The Fox

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