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Celebrating Over 16 Years of Playing It Right!


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Kevin A. Downs   

   Owner / Band Leader










REDLINE has a performing style that is high energy and interactive. If your guests like to dance thatís what we do best. If they like to just be entertained there will be plenty for them to see and hear. You will find that REDLINE will take less break time between sets than most other bands.  A typical break will be no longer than 15 minutes.  The 30 or more minute breaks that are sometimes experienced with other groups will not be the norm with us.  Being very aware of how important it is to keep the intensity of your event growing you can count on REDLINE to get the party going and keep your guests dancing the night away.

REDLINE is a band of musicians committed to each other with a long history together not a "pickup" band where musicians are interchangeable. REDLINE is available in the 8 or 12 piece formats and have performed in venues ranging from country club dinning rooms to concert hall stages to Stadiums. Provided is state of the art sound equipment to insure that your guests are comfortable with our sound quality and volume in any venue. We also provide an intelligent lighting system to add an extra dimension to our performance. REDLINE also understands the importance of the esthetics of your event and we will strive to conform our set up and performance to your specifications. From load in to load out REDLINE is known for thrilling the most discriminating clients and audiences with impeccable service and entertainment.

REDLINE performs at up to 80 or more private events in a given year.  Many of these are high end and require a high level of service to our clients.  We will strive to provide the same special service to your event. 

Previewing REDLINE:  Many video demonstrations are available on our video sample page.  These demonstrations are  realistic examples of Redline's  performance qualities.  However the true energy and presence of the band shines through in a live setting.  We strongly suggest that you witness Redline live at one of the many local clubs where we appear.  (Please check the schedule page.)  When doing so, please remember that these venues are more casual than most of the private events in which we appear and we always do our best to "fit the occasion".   Redline is very diverse musically and in it's presentation. 

Band Members: The band members you see and hear in our live performances and on recordings are the musicians that will perform for your event.  Redline is a band of musician's committed to each other with a long history together.  Redline is not a "pickup" band where musician's are interchangeable.   Occasionally due to illness or unavailability a substitute may be needed.  In this case you will be notified of any substitutes immediately upon our knowledge of the situation.

Pricing: Redline has a standard price list for our services which is effective within a 75 mile radius from downtown Cleveland, Ohio.   Additional charges are necessary for venues beyond that distance.  But we like to travel and we will be very pliable with out of town charges.  Also, we do offer discounts for "non prime" dates.  Please call for specifics. 

Booking: Upon issuance of contract, your date is held for you for up to 10 days from date of issue.  Your event date will be reserved with Redline as soon as your deposit is received with the signed contract for that event.  Dates cannot be held without a deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable.  Dates throughout the year are commonly booked 18 months in advance.  Once you have chosen Redline for your music source, I advise you not to wait in reserving you event date.

Pre Event Services: Redline is accustomed to working with event coordinators, but if you are going it alone we will provide experienced advice in the planning of your event with a detailed questionnaire that allows you to organize the time line of the evening step by step.  We can also refer you to many quality professionals that offer services to make the most of your event.  Redline is geared towards enjoyment of the evening and we will do everything we can to make the atmosphere of the entire evening wonderful.

On Site Expectations: Redline has specific requests and requirements that help ensure The most successful performance we can provide.  Please provide this information with your event planner and vendors so they are knowledgeable about our expectations.

Set Up: Redline will load in and have all large equipment set up one hour prior to contracted start time.  If your guests are arriving earlier and you wish an early set up that will be arranged for a slight additional charge.   It is important that staging or performance area is prepared and clear for band set up when we arrive to ensure that all is completed by the deadline.

Staging: Redline is a visually entertaining Band and so we suggest that a stage riser is arranged so that you guests may have an unobstructed view.  However at some venues it is best to have the band perform on the floor due to space constraints.  For the 9 piece format the minimum performance space needed is 16'X12" and 24'X16" for the 13 piece format.  The dance floor should be located directly in front of the stage and guest tables should be located at least 10 feet from the corners of the stage where the PA speakers are located.  Floral arrangements, decorations or video equipment should not interfere with stage space.

Electrical Power: Redline will need a total of three (3) separate 20 amp circuits to run the sound system, amplifiers and lighting.   Wall outlets are not counted as separate circuits unless the are on separate breaker boxes.

Greenroom: We require one private room located nearby in which to eat, rest and change clothes before and after our performance.  A hotel conference room or side party center room can usually be secured for this use.

Band Meal: Our sound crew and band members often spend 7 to 9 hours at the venue and this may occur in-between an hour drive or more.  Therefore, we would like to request some kind of meal to be served in our greenroom one hour prior to the beginning of our performance.  A meal is greatly appreciated and truly makes a difference in the band's performance quality.  Soft drinks are a necessity for our performers and must be made available to them from the bar or greenroom.  Alcoholic beverages are not expected but are appreciated and the hospitality will not be abused.

Outdoor Performances: If your event is outdoors you must provide adequate protection from the rain, wind and temperature for all performers and equipment.  This shall include a level wooden riser or stage, a completely waterproof covered stage area with roll up / down walls and properly protected electrical outlets.  Notification should be made 2 weeks in advance if equipment truck cannot pull up to within 50 feet of stage to allow for additional set up time.  The act reserves the right to discontinue performing if, in it's judgment, it determines that members are in danger of bodily harm or it's equipment is in danger of damage as a result from weather or safety conditions.

On Site Needs PDF File

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