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Sandra's Super Simple Egg Tutorial

This is a super simple tutorial to make the very simple egg shown above. Please feel free to decorate it in any way you would like when you are finished!

You will need my egg3.sel which you can download by clicking here.

Open a new image 180 X 250 on a transparent background.

SELECTIONS>LOAD FROM DISK and browse to where you saved egg3.sel. Click OPEN.

Flood fill with a colorful gradient (click the top box for "linear" and change angle to 45).


Go to EFFECTS>GEOMETRIC EFFECTS>TWIRL and set the number to 180. Click OK.


Repeat EFFECTS>GEOMETRIC EFFECTS>TWIRL using the same number (180).



Go to EFFECTS>3-D EFFECTS>DROP SHADOW with these settings:

Repeat EFFECTS>3-D EFFECTS>DROP SHADOW and change the vertical and horizontal to -10.

Deselect and you are done!

Now decorate your egg using tubes or preset shapes!


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