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Printable Recipe Cards

This is a quick and easy tutorial for making printable 3" x 5" (7.6 x 12.7 cm) recipe cards. The tutorial was created by me on September 25, 2003 after several weeks of doodling around trying to get these just the right size to print *giggles*. Tutorial was created using PSP 7.04 and requires no outside filters - just your creativity!

Here is what we will be making:


All screenshots in this tutorial have been resized to 50% to reduce page loading time.

Start by setting your foreground color to what you would like to use for your outside border (I used a linear gradient, angle 45, no repeats, but you might want to choose a plain color or even a pattern!) Set your background color to white.

1. Open a new image - transparent, 475 x 289. Floodfill with your foreground color (gradient or pattern - whatever!)

2. SELECTIONS>SELECT ALL then SELECTIONS>MODIFY>CONTRACT BY 10. Floodfill with white and deselect.

3. Add a new layer. Using your DRAW TOOL, single line, line width 1, antialias checked, create as vector UNchecked, draw a line from 20,40 to 451,40. On the same layer, draw another line from 20,56 to 451,56. (**NOTE*** If you hold down your SHIFT key while using the DRAW TOOL, your line will be straight.)

4. On your layer palette, duplicate your lines layer. Using your MOVER TOOL, move these two lines down and line them up underneath. You now have four lines!

5. Turn off the visibility of your background layer and merge visible your two lines layers. Rename this layer LINES. Turn the background layer back on.

6. Making sure you are on the LINES layer, duplicate this layer three times. Using your mover tool, move each new copy of the lines layer down and line them up underneath.

7. Add a new layer. Add a picture tube in the upper left corner. I used the Jasc fish tube at 50%.

8. Add a new layer. Make your foreground color null and set your background color to whatever color you want for your text. Add some text - "from the kitchen of...", "here's what's cooking", "my favorite recipe" --- something like that!

9. When you are happy with what you have, MERGE ALL and export as JPG!


You can insert three of these recipe cards on a page in Microsoft WORD (move your top margin up as far as you can get it) and print. It's really nice to print them on the heavy cardstock paper you would use for making greeting cards!

Laminating them is also a nice touch! Use a hole punch in the corner and put a ribbon through to tie your card to a jar or package of homemade goodies and give as a gift!

Thanks for trying my tutorial! Please let me see what you made!


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