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Let's Make A Blinkie!

This tutorial was completed by me on January 11, 2004. It is a "how to use my blinkie templates" tutorial. The templates use alpha channel selections and were made using PSP 7. You may download my blinkie templates on the TEMPLATE PAGE.

Here's an example of the finished blinkie -

First you need to download one of my blinkie templates. *grin*

Open the template in PSP. Oh oh! It looks empty! Don't worry - everything you need is there!

If you open up your layer palette, it should look something like this: (I'm using the flower blinkie template for this example)

You see that the FLOWER OUTLINE layer is highlighted. Go to SELECTIONS>LOAD FROM ALPHA CHANNEL and click on the flower outline. Magically it will appear on your "blank" canvas!

Flood fill the outline with black (or whatever color you want).


While you're still on the outline layer, use your magic wand, Match Mode RGB Value, Tolerance = 0 and Feather = 0 and click inside any petal. Hold down your SHIFT key and continue clicking inside each petal until they are all selected and the little ants are marching!


Open your layer palette and click on the PETALS layer to make it active and flood fill with your choice of colors. (I like to use a linear gradient, angle 45)



Open your layer palette again and click on the DOTS 1 layer to make it active. Go to SELECTIONS>LOAD FROM ALPHA CHANNEL and find the dots 1 and click on it.

Fill your dots with a contrasting color. (I like to use the same gradient I used for the inside of the petals).


Repeat with DOTS 2 and DOTS 3 layers, making sure you have high-lighted each layer before loading the appropriate alpha channel selection. DESELECT your dots after flood-filling.

**(If you would like to add text or a tube to your blinkie, add a layer here for your text or tube.)**

Whew! Time to merge and animate!

Hide visibility on DOTS 2 and DOTS 3 layers. MERGE>VISIBLE and save as image1.psp.


Hide visibility on DOTS 1 layer and click on DOTS 2 layer to make it active. MERGE>VISIBLE and save as image2.psp.


Hide visibility on DOTS 2 layer and click on DOTS 3 layer to make it active. MERGE>VISIBLE and save as image3.psp.

Open up Animation Shop. Using the animation wizard...

Same size as first frame checked.
Transparent checked.
Upper Left and With Canvas Color checked.
Yes, repeat indefinitely. 
***you can set the number to whatever you like best - I usually use "10" for a blinkie to make it blink fast, but two of my testers have set their number to "20" - It's just a matter of individual preference LOL!***

When you get to the step where you want to ADD IMAGE, browse to where you saved your blinkie images, hold down your CTRL key and highlight (in this order) image3.psp, image2.psp and then image 1.psp and click OPEN. Continue with your animation wizard and save your finished blinkie!

I sure hope you had fun with this tutorial! If you had any problems or questions, please let me know so I can fix the boo-boos!

Sandra -

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