Here is a list compiled by 3 people including someone with close knowledge of Deathrow Records. We all love that deathrow sound. Some classic material in the vaults that will never be released but we here are going to try our hardest to bring some of this music to you in the fututre (with the exception of 2Pac, Danny Boy, Dr Dre & VK who's material is very hard to obtain)




N.I.N.A - Fantasy (1LP)

Outlawz - Outlawz Immortalz (1LP) (1996)

Outlawz - Retribution (Double) (1997)

Tha Realest - Aint Workin With Feelings (1LP)

Tha Realest - The Prodical Son (Double) (2000)

Tha Realest - Laced Up (1LP)

Mac Shawn - Lock'd in Chains

OFTB - Keep Your Eyes Open (1LP) (1997)

Above The Law - Diary Of A Drug Dealer (Incomplete, only an EP) (2001)

Crooked I - Untitled (On Dogg Pound Records) (1999)

Crooked I - Untouchable (1LP) (2000)

Crooked I - Untouchable (1LP) Version 2 (2001)

Crooked I - Say Hi To The Bad Guy (1LP) (2002)

Snoop Dogg - Doggumentary (1LP) (1996)

Snoop Dogg - Doggumentary the EP (1EP) * released in Japan for short period

Snoop Dogg - Corleone's Revenge (a/k/a/ Doggfather 2)

LBC Crew - U Haven't Heard?

Jewell - Women To Women (1LP)

Chocolate Bandit - To The Extent

Sam Sneed - Sneed Indeed (1LP)

CJ Mac - If U Aint Street (1LP)

Lady Of Rage - Eargasm (1LP)

Makaveli & Dillinger - Don't Go To Sleep (Double) * Daz got a few tracks from this (1998)

Makaveli - Untitled 3 Disc set (45 Tracks) (1999)

Makaveli - The Last Scriptures * a track has been released from this. - Was due in 96, and later in 2000

Dr Dre & Ice Cube - Helter Skelta (feat Ghetto Tango track) (1994)

Dr Dre - The New World Order : Papppas Got A Brand New Funk a/k/a The Chronic 2 (1LP) (1996)

Eastwood - Born To Be Hated (1LP)

Soopafly - Like It Or Not (1LP)

Various - One Nation * Some tracks have been released on 2Pac projects (Double)

J-Flexx - Staying Alive (1999)

Bad Habitz - (Self-Titled)

Doobie - Untitled

Danny Boy - You Take My Breath Away (1LP)

Danny Boy - Danny Boy (1LP) (1996)

Y.G.D. - Top Dogg (1LP) (1999)

Miilkbone - Got Milk? * Released but different contents.

Various - Street Money (Deathrow/Cash Money Collaboration)

VK - The Rage U Made (1LP)

Dogg Pound - Tha DPG (1LP)

Dogg Pound - Dogg Sh*t (1LP) (1998) * Some where on Dogg Pound 2002

Dogg Pound - Aftershock (1LP)

Kurupt - Against The Grain (1LP) (2003)

Kurupt - Back In Lane * Currently Working

Death Row's Greatest Instrumentals (2LP's) (2003)




Various - Inside Out Compilation (2LP) * Released on Vinyl for short period, some tracks made it to Chronic 2000

Nate Dogg - G-Funk Vol.1 (1LP) * released for 5 days

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystle (Ltd Edition containing bonus)

Da Bastards - The EP * Released for short period only.

Gang Related SDT (With 2 bonus Tracks)

2Pac - The Vault (4 Discs) * Released as Until The End of Time & Better Dayz