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Form and Structure

A Section

Beginning-letter C
This section begins with thin instrumentation introducing the main melodic material in half and quarter notes. The texture primarily has two voices with light harmonization. The slight retard. leads into letter A.

Letter A through letter B remains in the key of F major and also has the same melodic motion only with fuller instrumentation.

Letter B through letter C is marked by a new motive consisting of octave jumps. The tempo is marked "a trifle faster" here. This transistional section begins the move towards the key of Db Major.

B Section

Letter C-D
The tonal center is now Db major (even though only four flats are marked in the key signature). The melody is at first similar to that in the B section being distinquished by the octave leaps. However, this section combines the stepwise motives of the A section with the B section motives.

A Section

Letter D-end
This section marks the return of the tonal center being F Major. The orginial melody is brought back with the full ensemble playing. The final measures are marked with "gradually slower" and included repeated IV-I chordal movement.