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Moon Hee Jun

Moon hee Jun
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Moon Hee Jun

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Moon Hee Jun


UPDATE- 600 HITS! *freaks out* I wish to thank you all! lol Well everyone, If you have a fansite dedicated to a Korean Artist, e-mail and join's network. They Give you MAD hits! and free stuff, like CDs if you are a memebr for over a year. Other than that just wanted to say thank! lol

UPDATE- Wow...people really like hee jun...lookie over 400 hits! i'm so proud. Well lets see, theres ALOT to tell. I got KFMN.NET! The Korean Fan's Music Network, dedicated to ALL korean artists!! If ANY OF YOU have a fan page dedicated to a korean artist, e-mail me at Or just check out the site, at KFMN.NET or click the link to your left on the top

Welcome to the new layout. The frames were ok, but i wasn't exactly partial to them ^^ Hope you like this better. I'll be up-dating all day


Well, all the pages are up now, and the up-date is complete. Hope you like the now lay-out! ^^ I'm pretty sure there are still bugs in it, so if you spot any, repot 'em please.

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