Viper (Bra) - Coma rage 1.5/5

Reviewed: 3-11-05


1. Coma rage
2. Straight ahead
3. Somebody told me you're dead
4. Makin' love
5. Blast!
6. God machine
7. Far and near
8. The last song
9. If I die by hate
10. Day before
11. 405 south
12. A face in the crowd
13. I fought the law
14. Keep the words

The previous CD, ‘Evolution’ had been a big departure for Viper from its previous 2 CDs, but ‘Coma Rage’ takes the new direction a couple of steps further and is totally unrecognizable from ‘Theatre of fate’, which the band had released just 2 CDs earlier. In the short distance between those CDs Viper has gone from an epic power metal band that was giving Iron Maiden a run for its money to a punk metal sound that has reasonable quality but shows a band far, far gone from what its direction was with its first 2 CDs.

As Pit Passarell is a very talented songwriter, there are still some enjoyable moments on this CD; some of the tracks like the title track, “Makin’ love” and “Keep the words” are undeniably excellent tracks. However most of the others are average, at best, songs which couldn’t have taken much creativity or imagination to write. Is this because they ran out of ideas or didn’t want to work as hard on the songwriting as they had before? Or did Matos have more of an influence on the songwriting than the credits give him credit for? No-one outside of the band can answer these questions but anyone expecting, or hoping for, the Viper of old will discover that band is totally gone with this CD.

‘Coma Rage’ was the final Viper CD and it is a strange way for them to end their career. The fact that they called it quits after this might be a sign that the weak songwriting can be attributed to a band that was simply used up after a small number of CDs. While they made only 4 CDs, ‘Coma Rage’ is a totally different sound than they started with. It is a decent CD that few metal fans will regret purchasing, but it is a far cry from ‘Theatre of fate’.




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