Sudnyi Den' - Black prophecy 3.5/5

Reviewed: 9-5-08


1. The gates of hell
2. Aria demon
3. One of us
4. Predsmertnaya confession
5. Century
6. Temptation
7. Carrion
8. Times are grim
9. I.N.R.I. (Igne Natura Renovatur Integra)
10. Zabludshaya Dusza (Ave Maria)
11. Black prophecy
12. The gates of hell

Sudnyi Den' is a new band from Russia and 'Black prophecy' is their full-length debut, a Russian-language CD (the title and tracklist is translated). The band was created by female vocalist Irina Kirova, who is originally from Ukraine, and not only is she the band's founder and vocalist, she's also the lead guitarist. Morley Dots (guitarist) and Anthony Novozhenov (keyboardist) finish off the band's line-up, as the bass is provided by Alexei Zavolokin and the drums are provided by Vladislav Tsarkov, both of which are guest musicians. There are also some guest vocalists that make up the choir parts, which are not massive, but do consist of everything from soprano and mezzo-soprano, to baritone and tenor.

Vocally, Irina is most comparable to her fellow Russian Kaira, who currently has 3 decent to solid CDs under her belt. Overall though, Sudnyi Den' sits somewhere between Kaira and 5 Stihii, which means that they bounce back and forth between the symphonic/heavy metal style of Kaira and the melodic/power metal style of 5 Stihii. While 'Black prophecy' is a bit on the dark side on occasion (a la Kaira), it's much more upbeat and exciting than anything Kaira has done. However, it's definitely not so much of a power metal CD (with lots of speed) that it could be considered pure power metal. Really, we get something in the middle of these 2 bands/styles.

Although there's quite a variety of moods and changes in tempo on 'Black prophecy', I think the band (for the most part) has succeeded at a solid song variety. I personally wish there was more speed, but there are some fast songs and the CD seems to pick up the pace at just the right time. My favorite songs are track 7 "Carrion" and track 10 "Zabludshaya Dusza (Ave Maria)", as they contain catchy guitar work with well done keyboard highlights. The remainder of the CD is good, and Irina's voice is consistent and definitely above average, so I enjoy the CD to a fairly high level. That said, I'm a huge fan of female fronted and Russian-language bands, so unless you also share those tastes, this is not recommended. For me, this is another great Russian-language band and considering Kaira's CDs haven't totally impressed me, this band leans more towards being a promising one.




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