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Max Holliman

Short biography

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia, USA. My college education took place at Oxford College, Emory University, and the State University of West Georgia. My degree is in Transpersonal Psychology, which is one of my main interests in life. I am also talented in the fields of Grief Counseling and Music. In the late 1970s, I played guitar and sang in one of Atlanta's first punk rock bands, The Nobz. In the 1980s, I studied and performed with the League of Crafty Guitarists, which is a guitar orchestra, led by guitarist Robert Fripp. Since 1994, I have performed solo as The Intergalactic Cowboy, a minimalistic, acoustic, techno- country musician. My talent in grief counseling evolved from experiencing the death of all of my family members except for one and also from trying to help people who were in suicidal states of consciousness. I should also mention that I have a deep spiritual side, which had a lot to do with me finally being healed from my most recent experience of grief.

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