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The composer... Welcome to my personal web site! I am available for commissions, as guest conductor, and/or clinician. Although born May 27, 1948 in Washington, Indiana, Leroy Osmon grew up and lived for 44 years in Texas. His early education was in the Texas Public School System, studying clarinet and alto saxophone in a school band. With no formal musical training in composition he entered Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas to study composition with Paul Holmes and orchestration with Charles Wiley. After completing his degree Osmon taught band in East Texas. He went on to complete his Master of Music at Sam Houston State University in composition (studying with Fisher Tull), conducting (Gary Sousa) and musicology (James Marks). While working on his DMA at the University of Houston, Osmon studied composition with Michael Horvit and conducting with Eddie Green. Although Leroy Osmon continued to teach band in the Texas Public School System (retiring after 30 years) and teach an occasional class at the University of Houston, he now composes full time (with over 100 works - 30 published) and teaches part time at the Bach School of Music and the University of Yucatan in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. He and his wife, Dr. Cay Smith Osmon reside permanently in the Myan world Osmon continues to receive commissions for all music genre, he has received the ASCAP Standard Music Award for Composition eleven times and the Medallion La Ville De Contrexeville (Contrexeville, France) twice. His works have been performed at every major music conference in the United States. His Symphony for Winds and Percussion was presented at the WASBE conference in Manchester, England. His music has been performed throughout Europe, Australia, Japan, Israel and Mexico. Most recent published works for band are "Holliday Festival Overture" (Midwest 2002), "Enigmatic Variations" (Texas Music Ed. Assoc.2003) "Dia de Los Muertos" (Mid-West 2001), "...dim points of light...", "The Midnight Culmination of Sirius", "Prelude and Dance" (Mid-West 2000), "Christmas in the Netherlands" (Mid-West 1999), "Davids Lyre" (Mid-West 1997) and "March 104" (Mid-West 1998) . Most recent hamber works include: "Introduction and Allegro" (brass quintet), "Feet" – (percussion sextet), "Three Poems by Hugh Scott" – ( Soprano, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Horn and Cello), "A rocky headland amid wild winds – (brass choir) Music for Five Winds, Suite for Solo Cello, Modinha: For Debra, in May (solo cello) and Yiskor for Mezzo Soprano and Soprano Saxophone. The most recent work for chorus is Singing to the Heavens. Osmon is at this time exclusively published by RBC Music of San Antonio, Texas, however, he has works with TRN, SMC and Peer Music of New York. The most recent CD is The Music of Leroy Osmon Vol. II (University of Houston, Eddie Green Conductor - Mark Custom Recording Service). All program notes for the University of Houston CD series (Eddie Green Conductor) are compiled by Osmon. From the first Grainger CD (an internationally acclaimed three volume series of the band works of Percy Grainger), he has worked with Mr. Green on every project. The University of Houston 1998 CD, The Planets, received several Grammy nominations (including program notes). To be released in the near future is a book on the band music of Percy Grainger - Program Guide for the Band Works of Percy Grainger (RBC Music Publishing). Presently Leroy Osmon is working on several commissions, including another Ballet, a Concerto for Tuba, chamber works (Romance for Violin and Small Orchestra and Trio for Alto Flute, Viola and Harp) and band compositions. In the Spring of 2001 the Compania de Danza Contemporanea de Yucatan presented his ballet A Sea of Seven Colors (Erika Torres/Mexico and Maud DAngelo/France coreografica e interprete). Leroy Osmon lives in Merida, Yucatan with his wife, Dr. Cay Smith Osmon, and their three cats "Miss Kitty", "Baby" and BooBoo Bear. Present address: Calle 20 No. 487 X 47 Col. Sol Campestre Merida, Yucatan, Mexico 97114 Phone:(011-52-999)-944-1695 Email: Compositions are published by: RBC Music P.O. Box 29128 San Antonio, Texas 77229 1-800-548-0917 TRN Music Publishers, Inc. P.O. Box 1076 111Torreon Loop Ruidoso, New Mexico 88355 505-258-4325 Southern Music Co. 1248 Austin Parkway, Suite 212 San Antonio. Texas 78209 1-800-284-5443 Peermusic 810 Seventh Avenue, 10th Floor New York, New York 10019 212-265-3910 What's New? Hebrew Folk Song suite No. 3 and Hebrew Rhapsody...both published by RBC Music. Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) - for young band. Published by RBC Music........................................................ This work is dedicated to the Lake Highlands High School Band (Dallas, Texas), Marion West Conductor and was composed for the bands 2001 Midwest performance. The Midnight Culmination of Sirius - for advanced musicians. Published by RBC Music.................................. Commissioned by the Blinn Collage Band, Larry Campbell director. ...dim points of light...from becalmed vessels signalling to each other in the surrounding gloom. Composed for young band and published by RBC Music.......................... Presently working on: Works for symphonic band. The composer... ...images transfered to a lined page... -radical and conservative- my music reflects an admiration of the world I live in... My days are spent with my music, my wife and my three cats. I am often asked the question "What makes a great composer?" - I really do not know, but I would like to answer with the words of Frank Bridge. "I may not be a great composer, but I am a significant composer." My CD's are available from: MARK CUSTOM RECORDING SERVICE, INC. P.O.Box 406 Clarence, New York 14031-0406 716-759-2600 "...a keen sense of the evocative aspects of nature coupled with complex rhythms and haunting yet magnetic dissonances are displayed throughout his music..." Favorites Ravel, Ravel, Ravel... Ives, Grainger, Schrecker, Bridge, Bax, Revueltas... and the list goes on and on. My Pets I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life. Cats - lots of cats! Missy - number one cat! (Died December 2002) Miss Kitty (or as my wife calls her - miow-miow) and...... Baby! And now…BooBooBear. Miss Kitty... (or her twin) She came...she ate...she stayed! MY WORK… In my work I would hope to be able to experiment with style in response to new perceptions, yet continue to create music from my mind and heart... I compose music for my friends mostly - people I know. It makes the music more personal! If my eclectic "flexibility" produces some works that seem less sure of their course and direction the performer, as well as the audience, will need to look for "other" compensations. Experience life... with my wife Cay! ...this is a particularly happy time in my life and I am filled with creative momentum! Musician from age 10. I composed my first work at the age of 14 - it was an overture for band. After 40 years I still love to compose for the band! "I send my heart up to thee, all my heart. In this my singing For the stars help me and the sea bears part." LAZARE SAMINSKY The composer... Favorite Links Here's a link to the site of the company I work for: (I work for me and I'm a great boss). ASCAP Member Contact Me Share some of my interests? MUSIC AND DANCE - LOOKING FOR A UNIQUE COMPOSITION? Just click this address to send me mail: ..........The Music of Leroy Osmon.............. Published Works & Manuscript Published Works A Lonely Flute (RBC Publications, San Antonio, Tx) American Songs (Southern Music Co., San Antonio, Tx) Chateau Le Bombadier Marche (RBC) Concert Etudes for Solo Tuba Vol. I (SMC) Concert Etudes for Solo Tuba vol. II (SMC) Christmas in The Netherlands (RBC) David's Lyre (RBC) Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) (RBC) ...dim points of light...from becalmed vessels signalling to each other in the surrounding gloom (RBC) Down Longford Way--Grainger/Osmon (RBC) Elegy for Tuba and Small Orchestra (RBC) Four Dutch Hymns (RBC) Fanfare, Elegy, and Dance (RBC) Hanszen Parish Overture (TRN Music, Ruidoso, NM) Hebrew Folk Song Suite (TRN) Hebrew Folk Song Suite No. 2 (TRN) Huapango--Moncayo/Osmon (Peermusic, New York) In Memory of a Summer Day (RBC) March 104 (RBC) Modinha: For Debra, in May (Solo Cello) (RBC) Music for Five Winds (RBC) Prelude and Dance (Akdam ve Reekood) (RBC) Prelude: A Dream I've Had (Brass Sextet) (SMC) Prelude from "49th Parallel"--Vaughn-Williams/Osmon (R.Smith) Scotch Strathspey and Reel--Grainger/Osmon (TRN) Shenandoah--Grainger/Osmon (RBC) Suite for Solo Cello "Echoes from Merida" (RBC) Symphony for Winds and Percussion "When things are still" (RBC) The Hanukkah Gift (RBC) The Kole Suite for Flute and Violin (RBC) The Midnight Culmination of Sirius (RBC) Tuqa Gloria Emmeles (RBC) West Point Songs (TRN) Yiskor for Mezzo Soprano & Soprano Sax (RBC) Manuscript (Band) A Last Silence . . . An Irish Melody Avinu Malkeynu Janowski/Osmon Childrens' Songs Dancers Suite for Band Dziadek El Amor Brujo de Falla/Osmon From a Sixpence Book (of Old English Songs) From Our Fathers Suite for Band Halarvisa A Sea Rhapsody Homenaje a Federico Garcia Lorca Revueltas/Osmon Hymns and Songs La Noche de Los Mayas Revueltas/Osmon Lord Melbourne from Suite on English Folk Tunes, opus 90 Britten/Osmon Redes Revueltas/Osmon Scalerica de Oro (March) Slow March Ives/Osmon Symphony No. 4 (III.Fugue) Ives/Osmon Variations on an Epworth Hymn Manuscript (Chamber Ensemble) Pastorale for Strings and Harp (1996) A Sea of Seven Colors (for fourteen players and dancers) (1994) I. Voices and Views II. The Sea and Sand Dance III. The Butterfly's Evil Spell Interlude with the Sea IV. The Devil in the Wind Log Rhythms for six percussionists and six dancers (1994) Prelude for Piano (1993) A rocky headland amid wild winds (brass choir) (2000) A rocky headland amid wild winds (trumpet choir) (1993) Concertino for Solo Trumpet, Cello, and Percussion Ensemble (The Incantations of Prospero) Three Poems by Hugh Scott - voice and chamber orchestra (1991) Three Moods for Viola and Piano (1968/1990) Adagio for Violin and Piano (1968) Set for Horn and Piano (1969/1989) Fantasies for Solo Clarinet (1969) Etude for Quintet (Polymetrics) (1972) Ode: Who is Mad Who is Not! (1973) Fantasies For Winds and Percussion (1974) Octet for Winds and Percussion (1974) Three Songs for Voice and Piano (1974) Candles That Burn (1975) Prologue: As Flowers Fall (1975) The Grave Diggers of White Chapel (1975) Fields of Light (1976) Fields of Wonder (1976) There is a Field in Flanders (1976) Transparencies By the Sea (1976) Kakapitshi und Finsternish (1978) Fantasies #2 Raintree Island-Beyond the Rainbow (1979/1989) Cayo del Oso (1981) I Never Saw Another Butterfly . . . (1982) The Power of Love (Brass Ensemble)--Grainger/Osmon (1982) Brigg Fair (Brass Ensemble)--Grainger/Osmon (1982) Kemah (In the Face of the Wind) (1984) The Grave Diggers of White Chapel (1985) Elegy (To the Children of Terezin) (1986) Cantallations for Double Reed Choir (1990) Manuscript (Solo with Orchestra) Rhapsoidos for Soprano, Flute and Orchestra (Lean against the wind) (1993) Chamber Symphony (2000) Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1991) (Withdrawn) Ballet (chamber orchestra) A Sea of Seven Colors (Un Mar De Siete Colors) Manuscript (Choral Works) Cool Tombs (1970) From Micah (1973) Tefillah (1990) Singing to the Heavens (1999) eclectic array of work...