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The Lampkins Family

About The Band...

From the glitz and glamour of sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, with a sound fresh and new,
this family band performs both contemporary and traditional Bluegrass music.
Adding a twist to a traditional stage performance, This band is rapidly gaining a
reputation for high energy and laughter revolving around it's two youngest members.
when this family band takes the stage you are guaranteed that there will never be
a still moment (literally).
The lampkins Family is Rick (Dad) on guitar, harmony and lead vocals.
Terrie (Mom) on Dobro, Jami Lynn on banjo, mandolin, lead and harmony vocals.
Heather Grady on bass, lead and harmony vocals. This family is known for excellent
musicianship and tight family harmony. While searching for new material, they are
not afraid to regenerator bluegrass any nostalgic song from the past.
One is assured of laughter, great music and family entertainment when they take the stage.
Having produced one CD "Standing on the Running Board" they are eagerly
looking forward to start their second CD in July of 2003. They have been chosen
as Southern Nevada Showcase Band to compete in the National Bluegrass Playoffs
at Huck Finn Jubilee in Victorville CA, June 2003. On another note, they recently
began to introduce Bluegrass to the Las Vegas casino industry, with their upcoming
performance at Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino, for a preshow party at randy Travis
Concert on August 1, 2003. Other casino performances include Harrah's Casino in
Reno, NV and returning engagements at Buffalo Bills.



For booking information contact Rick Lamkins at (702) 361-9697 or you can E-mail us at 

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