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Gus Mancini Biography
Ogostino Antonio Mancini, The Sultan of Sonic Soul

Gus Mancini is a rare blend of classically trained musician, composing scores and classical works, and a master of improvisational jazz. A graduate of New York University, with a B.S. in Music Education, he has studied and performed with many of the principle soloists for the New York Philharmonic and Jazz elite as well.

He has produced and performed on many albums including Samadhi and Sunrise with didgeridoo master Phil Jones on Intuitive Sound productions with both c.d.'s reaching the top 10 on the Indie charts. He has also produced a Parents' Gold choice award children's album, The Shooting Star Express. He has produced the eclectic group of jazz and poetry Odd City, and co-produced and performs with The Hawk Project, one of the leading contemporary Native American Jazz ensembles in the country.

He established the Brooklyn Conservatory Jazz Program and has lectured on the directions of world music at Oxford University and the Royal Conservatory in England. He is currently co-producing the Woodstock Roundtable radio show broadcast live on WDST radio in Woodstock, NY, and webcast over and AOL. He performs with some of the top poets, writers and musicians in the nation such as poet laureate Robert Bly and author Robert Thurman.

Some of Mancini's compositions were recently performed by Mancini and The Hawk Project with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra under the direction and orchestral arrangements by Maestro Randall Craig Fleischer in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Feb. 12, 2005 - Mancini with The Hawk Project CD featured on CD Baby front page!
The CD Baby review:

"A beautiful collaboration between the song of the Native American flute, singing and sighing like the wind and merging with the churning, rolling tumble of piano and synth, much like the rivers. Meeting in the middle and joined by light percussion the many voices of the The Hawk Project capture the simple, perfect web of nature in these soothing, affirming songs. A choice album for relaxation, meditation and inward journeys." - Buy the CD at CD Baby

Kingston Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY, Sunday, Jan. 11, 2004

Mancini with the Hawk Project

Mancini with Johnny Asia

Ogostino Antonio Mancini
"The Sultan of Sonic Soul"

The Arizona Daily Sun, 07/04/2002:

"The Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra brought one of the finest concerts in their history to Ardrey auditorium Tuesday night. Principal Conductor Randall Craig Fleischer has been promising a collaboration with pop musicians for some years now and with the Hawk Project concert, has delivered a performance worthy of Tanglewood or Wolf Trap. The Hawk Project rocked. The five-member band is primarily from the Hudson Valley of New York, which inspires their native based music. It must be a beautiful and special place......."

Review from The Woodstock Times:

"Mancini weaving and dodging in a sea of complex notes and demented chords, with heart wrenching saxophone, low tones of a bass-clarinet and a palette of exotic keyboard textures, he forms a lush, multi-layered sound. His eclectic compositions, with their intense moments of silence - this emptiness- this zone - this surrender - represents the musical essence of Mancini"