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About the Fallen Angels

Bonnie and Dianna

Bonnie and Dianna started the Fallen Angel Karaoke business in 2000. The first gig was in Buckroe Beach, Virginia at the Moose Lodge at the urging of Ellen Lehtio, Bonnie's sister and Dianna's aunt. Though they gave Ellen the courtesy title of being their manager, they adamantly refused to let her name them "Bonnie and Da Niece!" Between the states of NC and Virginia, the "Fallen Angels" were born.

Bonnie started singing karaoke in 1998 while at a club with one of her friends. With hardly anyone there, she didn't see any need to be shy. After that the karaoke bug bit her and she bought her own player to use at home so she wouldn't have to practice in front of anyone. It wasn't long after that, that she decided she and her niece, Dianna, should start their own business.

Dianna made her debut singing karaoke in 1998 with the support of her aunt, Bonnie, on the song "Teddy Bear". No stranger to a microphone now, Dianna will coax even the most reluctant singer to try it out just once. Having been bitten by the karaoke bug herself, she knows how addictive it can be!

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