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Welcome to The Stephens House

...where we're dedicated to the collection of Stephens, McIlwaine, Butler, Bowman, and allied line genealogy. Please browse the navigator above to explore the family lines and family history found herein. We have also tried to collect many family photos and examples of family heraldry as could be located. We are pretty laid back around here, so if you've got a question or an inquiry, please drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
This web site is divided into four major sections: Stephens, McIlwaine, Butler, and Bowman.

Contained herein are:
  • Descendancy charts of the four main ancestors of these lines
  • Heraldic coats of arms of these surnames and other allied lines to these surnames
  • Brief history of the families' movement across the United States
  • Many old family photographs that have been discovered
  • A complete index to the combined genealogical database of over 8000 individuals
  • Much, much more!!
Things we're working on for the future...
  • A Guest Book to keep track of all of the genealogists swinging through here
  • Query and Message Boards
  • Links to on line resources such as other websites, census records, and such
  • Many more old family photographs (and new ones as well). We scan in EVERY picture that comes our way to provide permanent storage for generations to come.
  • Maybe a "cousin list" of all of the internet cousins found while doing research
  • A counter would be nice, too.
  • Anything else that may come to mind
Site designed and copyright: R. Quintin Stephens, 1999
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