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Heraldry in the Stephens Family Line
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Azure a chief ermine over all an eagle displayed or.
Or, on three piles azure, one issuing between two others transposed, three swans heads proper.
Argent, on a cross ermine between four mullets sable, a sword erect of the first hilt and pomel or.
Azure on a fesse argent three dolphins gules a bordure engrailed of the last.
Or, a fess between three dragons heads couped and erected in bend sable.
Argent a bear rampant sable muzzled or.
Gules a chevron argent between three boars' heads couped or.
Azure on a cross argent a cinquefoil between four lozenges gules.
Argent, three holly leaves in chief vert, a hunting horn in base sable, garnished or, stringed gules.
Or a chief indented azure and three covered cups in bend or.
Gules two chevrons argent between three fleur-de-lis of the last.
Argent on a bend sable three roses of the field leaved vert.
Argent on a bend engrailed gules cotised sable three round buckles or.
Azure a chevron humettee between three covered cups or.
Argent three chevronels sable a bordure sable, a chief sable.
Pean on a chief azure a griffin passant argent.
Barry of seven or and azure, on a canton gules a lions head erased argent.
Argent on a chevron azure three garbs or.
Argent three eagles displayed gules ducally crowned or.
Gules on a bend or a billet azure on a bordure engrailed argent, eight escallops azure.
Per chevron sable and gules a chevron or between three fleursdelis argent.
Gules three chevrons argent.
Or between three griffin heads erased gules on a chevron gules two lions passant addorsed or.
Argent a bend gules between three martlets sable.
Gules, a chevron vair between three crescents argent.
Azure a cross fleury argent.
Azure an anchor between three escallops argent.
Sable a griffin or rampant armed and langued gules.
Barry of ten azure and ermine three annulets or.
Or, on a fesse azure, between three hazel slips proper, as many crescents argent.
Azure on a chevron between three owls argent three mullets sable a bordure ermine.
Azure two bars or in chief a cross formee fitchee of the last.
Argent a lion rampant gules on a chief azure three crowns or.
Ermine a lion rampant sable.
Gules a fesse raguly between three boars' heads erased argent.
Gules a lion rampant vair crowned with an antique crown or.
Gules a chevron between three crescents argent.
Paly of six argent and azure on a chief gules three crescents of the first.
Vert a lion rampant or, in chief three mullets of the last.
Or a griffin segreant sable.
Argent, three roses gules, stalked and leaved vert.
Or semee of cross-crosslets a lion rampant azure.
Gules on a saltire argent a martlet of the field.
Argent a saltire engrailed between four cross-crosslets fitchee azure.
Azure a bend within a bordure or.
Argent on two bars sable three trefoils argent in chief a greyhound proper courant.
Barry wavy of six azure and argent on a chief argent a lion passant sable.
Vert, a fesse dancette argent, in chief two lions rampant of the last.
Argent three bars wavy sable a chief gules in chief a saltire or.
Argent a chevron gules between three eagles heads or.
Gules three fish haurient argent.
Argent a lion rampant gules crowned with an antique crown or.
Argent on a bend azure between two unicorn heads erased azure armed and crined or three acorns vert slipped and leaved or.
Gules two keys crossed argent.
Sable three goats argent.
Per chevron azure and argent in chief two falcons volant or.
Gules a sword erect between three mullets argent.
Or a lion rampant vert between three crosses flory fitched sable.
Ermine on a chevron gules between three anchors azure three escallops argent.
Or on a cross sable five crescents argent.
Gules on a chevron argent three bars gemel sable.
Azure a fesse dancettee or between three eagles displayed argent.
Chequy or and azure on a canton gules a lion rampant argent.
Sable, on a fesse wavy argent between three swans of the second, two bars wavy azure.
Azure on a chevron between three bugle-horns or three martlets of the field.
Gules a chevron counterembattled between three mullets argent.
Vert a chevron ermine between three dragons heads erased argent.
Argent on a mound in base an oak acorned proper in dexter chief a crescent gules.
Per fesse azure and gules a barnacle argent ringed or.

Copyright 1999, R. Quintin Stephens Dragon Music Publishing