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"Under the Porch Light - CD"
A dynamite recording with more energy than a hurricane. Full of blazing licks that will knock your socks off with twelve all-new originals and one blast from the past. It's a nod to the traditional with one finger on the photon disrupter. Helping out on this album is the indomitable Robert Force, along with a host of other excellent musicians such as David Michael, Gary Romjue, Joe Breskin, Baila Dworsky, and Janette Force. This is a collection of music that will put fire in your pants and bounce in your step. "Blow on that boy's fingers, Fanny, they done got themselves meltified!"

Available through:
Blaine Street Records

Song List:
1. Avatar    8. Mud Bug Boogie
2. Under the Porch Light    9. Portugese Lawnmower
3. Mama's Beach House  10. Event Horizon
4. Firefly Nights  11. Ballad of Guinevere
5. Holding Wonder  12. Waltz of the Daddy Longlegs
6. Wildflower Spice  13. Good Night Little Cowboys
7. Stephens, Lewis & Clark

Tablature for "Under the Porch Light"
There is also a complete book of tablature for the music from the CD available. This book contains the transcriptions plus an introductory section of playing tips and tricks.