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A second-generation Mountain Dulcimer Player, Quintin is known for innovative techniques and a truly contemporary style of music. Playing over-the-top, Force & d'Ossche' style dulcimer, Quintin brings a high level of driving energy to dulcimer music, both traditional and original.

As a son of the great dulcimer player, Ed Stephens, Quintin got an early start on dulcimer at the age of eight and has played and given workshops nearly ever since. Also a Blues/Rock and Slide guitar player, Quintin brings many of the techniques and tricks over from guitar to the dulcimer. Recognized for years for his double-stop and two-handed-tapping techniques on the dulcimer, he has no qualms about using any and every trick in the book to create the music he hears in his head.

Booking fees are negotiable and depend upon the venue.
For more information, contact:
14750 Creagor Rd
Mounds, OK 74047


Under the Porch Light Q. Stephens; Dragonspan Productions, 2003

Ballad of Guinevere Q. Stephens; Dragonspan Productions, 2003

Recorded Albums:

  • Under the Porch Light, Blaine Street Records, Port Townsend, WA

Internet Websites:

Homepage for Quintin Stephens


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