Nota Bene: I have made small changes to almost every track recently ...always make sure you listen/download the tracks directly from here.
What was on here yesterday may not be the same today - lol.

Uncle Q

All songs now .mp3 so they load faster for you...

...and remember, I need honest comments and need to know any little thing you want changed or fixed. I have strived to only
clarify and tighten (meaning everyone is together at the same time). By and large, the songs are exactly the same.

I recommend that you guys listen through each song without talking to each other, have your eyes closed and have notebooks in hand to jot down quick notes
of things you don't like or things you think need to change. Then, at the end of the song, compare notes and relisten to discuss.


01 City Lights Pt. 1 (07/07)
02 The March (07/07)
03 Henry Ford (07/07)
04 Major Fifth (07/07)
05 Soda Pop Blues (07/07)
06 Six (07/07)
07 This House is not My Home (07/07)
08 Lights Along the Highway (07/07)
09 21 Lines (07/11) <= Better Pitch Fixing
10 O Alcohol (07/07)
11 St. Valentine's Reel (07/07)
12 City Lights Pt. 2 (07/07)

Jasper's Cast Logos I came up with...use them or not...
click on the thumbnails to download the full pic

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