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CASE0003.bmp - Clay Birch Case
CASE0004.bmp - Pinkney Sloan Case and Pattie Morgan wedding picture
CASE0005.bmp - From left to right - Clay Birch Case, Pinkney Sloan Case, Pattie Morgan, Edward Franklin Stephens, Jr. , Pat Sloane Case, Ruth Case Byron, Clifford Byron, and Edward III on horse in front
CASE0006.bmp - Pinkney Sloan Case
CASE0010.bmp - Pattie Morgan Case
CASE0011.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0012.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0013.bmp - Pattie Morgan Case and Pat Sloan Case
CASE0014.bmp - Pattie Morgan Case and Pat Sloan Case
CASE0019.bmp - Pattie Morgan Case
CASE0020.bmp - Clay Birch Case in Rio (on left)
CASE0023.bmp - Clay Birch Case
CASE0025.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0026.bmp - Ruth Case Byron
CASE0027.bmp - Pinkney Sloan Case on the steps of his bank in Stonewall, Oklahoma (Pinkney is on left)
CASE0028.bmp - Pat Sloane Case (1929)
CASE0029.bmp - Ruth Case and Clay Birch Case (Back: "Merry Christmas, December 25, 1906")
CASE0030.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0031.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0032.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0033.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0034.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0036.bmp - Ruth Case Byron and her daughter, Patsy Ruth Byron
CASE0037.bmp - Pat Sloane Case
CASE0041.bmp - Daddy Case in 1938
CASE0049.bmp - Case State Bank in Stonewall, OK


"Mama (Granny Case) was quick with the hairbrush, if she could catch me. Our house in Maud was surrounded on all four sides by tall trees. I would outrun her and climb one of the trees and wait it out. Her temper was quick, but it didn't last long."

Story of Mama Pat and Daddy Ed's Wedding:
Pink did not want Daddy Ed anywhere near Mama Pat, so he pulled Mama Pat out of University of Oklahoma at Norman and sent her to University of Tulsa. In Tulsa, Mama Pat lived with her sister, Ruth. Pink sent Granny Case with Mama Pat to make sure Ed wouldn't see Pat. Unfortunately, Pink and Granny went on vacation to Florida. While they were away, Ed snuck into Tulsa and he and Mama Pat were married. When Pink and Granny got back and discovered the marriage, Pink said, "Well, you made your bed, now you've got to lie in it."

"Aunt Estelle was extremely strange. She went around town dressed as a hobo even though she and her husband had plenty of money. Mama Pat was still in school and denied it when other kids would ask, "isn't that your aunt?"

Between Pink and his sister, Trude, they owned pretty much all of Ada. Uncle Tige had a parrot that he used to talk to every time he walked in the door so the parrot's speech sounded just like Uncle Tige. After he died, Mama Pat walked into the house after the funeral (she didn't know he had a parrot) and swore she had heard Uncle Tige talking and it freaked her out. Tige as in tiger.

Daddy Case never had any insurance - he sold it at the bank but didn't believe in it himself. He paid for everything in cash. When Ruth and Pat came to visit him in the hospital in OKC, he paid for their hotel room and board in cash. He gave the girls the checkbook and told them to go pay the man. So they did.

If you crossed him (Daddy Case) or double dealt him, he would never give you a second chance.

Elizabeth Jane Stephens (Daddy Ed's Grandmother) was evil and nasty, the meanest person Mama Pat had ever met.

Mama pat drove Granddaddy (Ed Sr.) to the farm in Foss after he got older and not as able to drive.

Dad's (Ed III) whole life was floating between Ed (Jr.)'s parents and Pat's parents and Grandparents in Texas. When they would be living in Ada, dad was pawned off on an Indian, named Scar, who was a ranch hand on Pink's ranch. That's where dad learned his roping, shooting, knife throwing, bullwhipping, etc. Ed III did some bronc-busting while at this ranch, too.

Daddy Ed and Mama Pat never had a house of their own until they moved to Centralia, IL. It was on Melrose near the high school.

Daddy Ed originally went to OU for medical school, but flunked out and then went to Chicago.

Mama pat used to sleep out on the porch when she was growing up and it was hot, she would wet down the sheets and sleep under them.

When asked how the depression affected her, she said, "What depression? Daddy was in oil and the oil was pumping good."