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Avatar Quinzet live on the Treet.TV show "Live 'n' Lickin'"

A little about Avatar....

A 34-year veteran of the RL music business, Avatar is often described as a nod to the traditional with one finger on the Photon Disruptor!

Avatar Quinzet (RL Quintin Stephens) got an early start on dulcimer at the age of eight and has played and given workshops on the instrument for more than 34 years. Along the way, he also got sideswiped by a rogue dobro guitar. Starting off playing Carter Family-style, he was seduced by the dark side and discovered Blues/Rock and Delta Slide Blues music. Bringing many of the techniques and tricks over from guitar to the dulcimer, Avatar is especially recognized for his double-stop and two-handed-tapping techniques. He has no qualms about freely adapting styles to create the music he hears in his head.

From traditional folks songs of early America to smokin' hot originals, Avatar delivers all on his dulcimer with his distinctly "back-beat" feel that gets everyone up and moving! Or, with his blues music covering such greats as Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Jefferson, Josh White and John Lee Hooker, to modern blues musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Avatar delivers all with his trusty acoustics by his side like a good pair of Colts. His shows cover a lot of ground musically while switching between all these instruments.

Performer Information:

NAME: Avatar Quinzet

STYLE: Traditional Folk, Latin and Original Compostions using the American Mountain Dulcimer.
             Slide/Bottleneck Delta Blues Guitar and Electric/Acoustic Blues.

BACKGROUND: I've been playing, teaching and performing with the American Mountain Dulcimer and Guitar for over 34 years now and always state up front: "If it isn't any fun, then what's the point!!!" I can play just about any style of music from Traditional Appalachian to Latin Salsa to Blues to Lullabies to Blastin' Rock.

QUOTE: Wellyn Radikal - "Quintin embodies a high level of driving energy and technical musical artistry. But beyond the merely pyroclastic, woven throughout his pieces are melodic refrains, which make his music highly approachable. He redefines the dulcimer's unique musical voice in the larger context of contemporary composition. "

MANAGER: Dulcikate Noel

STREAM: I do have my own, personal stream, but can use the house stream if so preferred.

FEES: Negotiable/2000L per hour plus 100% of Personal Tip Jar
Negotiable/3500L per hour with no Tip Jar


M-F : 7:00 am - 12:00 pm noon SL Time and 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm SL Time
(Note: These are START Times) - that gives me room for 2 hour shows if needed

Saturday I am pretty wide open for whatever is needed...and I will mark any RL weekend stuff on my Google Calendar.

Sunday I am available after 5 SL time.


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