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Deep Purple
Deep Purple has been a group devoted to music since its formation in 1968. It is not a conformist group. Never did Deep Purple attempt towards setting trends. To them "music comes first". The success of the Band has been due this core spirit.

During the sixties/early seventies when people began describing their music as "Progressive" or "Underground", Deep Purple recorded the album "Deep Purple in Rock".

Thereafter, they quickly came up with "Fireball", "Machine Head", "Made in Japan" and "Who Do We Think We Are". This led to Deep Purple being tagged (along with Zeppelin and Sabbath) as leaders of the "Hard Rock" explosion. At this point began the gradual disintegration of the famous MK 2 line-up, (Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice) and some long overdue individual R & R.

The eighties saw Deep Purple re-union as "Perfect Strangers" shook the world (again) with a fresh look at the music but with a bold detachment that stated "this is Deep Purple". The era was to end in disharmony and confusion with Gillan leaving, then Blackmore and then Gillan returning, and so on.

However, when Joe Satriani joined, the band got revitalised and he spent the best part of a year on the road with the band before returning back to his own commitments. The scene was now set for the most important line-up change since "69.

Deep Purple never set out to be "Rock Stars". Everytime they passed through difficult times, they've emerged stronger, hard and professional; displaying texture, dynamics and a humanity that can only come from those rare artists who are masters of their craft.

Deep Purple's music has evolved - become more mature and the sell-out shows and fans world-wide are proof enough that everyone loves Deep Purple whom many consider, perhaps, the greatest band ever. Todate, Deep Purple has sold over 100 million albums!