Chapter History
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Omicon Psi Chapter History

Chapter History

Founded on 26 May 1965 by Barbara Abston, Dona Dixson, Beverly Hammer, Sandra Hobbs, Patricia Holman, Nancy Hudgens, Doris Jones, Mary Marable, Elsie Mefford, Frances Mitchell, Catherine Moss, Judith Munsey, Janice Reed, Barbara Robinson, Elizabeth Sanders, Patricia Snowden, Betty Taylor, and Mary Williams. Mrs. Margaret Johnson Wright and Ms. Mary Dillon were the founding faculty advisors. Mrs. Mary Huston Martin was the founding professional member. Ann Alford, Shirley Vick Keathley, Joanna Kidwell Leonard, Betty Hughey McClure, E. May Sanders, and Cora Blair Underwood were alumni present at the ceremony. Mrs. Helen Downie Bishop was the President of the national fraternity and Mrs. Jane Wiley Kuckuk was the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
The Wright Music Building and the Saunders Fine Arts Building bear the names of two of the most important people to the Omicron Psi chapter. The Sisters are extrordinarily proud to walk the halls of these two buildings everyday.
Annual Activities
Every year the chapter holds an annual Recital. In the past the chapter has hosted a High School Honors Recital and The Recital of the Year. We host recepitions for student and teacher recitals when asked. O. Psi has also hosted Beau/Belle Weeks in years past to let our numerous beaus/belles know how much they mean to us. This is very well received by all. Once a month the sisters provide a treat item for the faculty; this too has been very well received. A Fall and Spring pledge is always the goal of the chapter, and the activites vary from time to time, but what remains consistant is the Pledge Tea. All the sisters and prospective pledges meet at the Advisor's home or a nearby restaurant to socialize. At this event we collect the Applications for Pledge and determine who shall receive a bid. Very rarely has the chapter denied anyone a bid to pledge. Our numbers have dwindled in recent years, but there is a new vitality to the chapter and along with that a renewed interest from the students in the department.
Community Support
The Omicron Psi chapter has traditionally been a charitable one. In the 1980's, the chapter was a supporter of the research for and education of the mentally challenged. And today, the chapter supports music education through donations to the local National Public Radio station, WPLN-Nashville. WPLN has joined forces with the Nashville Symphony to provide a summer camp for general education teachers in the Mid-South to help to teach them to integrate music into all aspects of the educational process. Many school districts have opted to remove the music programs from their schools and we thank the Nashville Symphony and WPLN for taking the helm to help provide music programs for our young people.
The mascot is the frog. It was adopted in the late 1970's.
We work closely with the Omicron Tau chapter of Phi Mu Alpha and SAI at MTSU.
We host a Beau and Belle Week every semester for our Beaus and Belles
We opened the chapter to men in the Fall of 2000.

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