The Bylaws of the Omicron Psi Chapter
Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity
Fall 2002 Revision
Article I. Standards of Membership
Collegiate Membership
I. In order to remain a member in good standing, active members must maintain a cumulative music GPA of at least 2.667 (B) and a GPA of at least 2.0 (C) in all other courses. No exceptions will be made.
a. A copy of the transcript for the previous semester shall be given to the Chapter Advisor and the First Vice President at the first meeting of each semester.
b. The First Vice President shall compile and report a list of those members in good standing.
II. Any member who compiles more than three (3) unexcused absences from regular meetings shall no longer be in good standing.
III. Any member who fails to meet financial obligations shall no longer be in good standing.
IV. Any member not in good standing shall be required to meet ALL obligations, including musicales.
V. Inactive membership may be attained on a case-by-case basis.
1. Cases shall be heard before the fraternity and determined by the Executive Board, which shall consist of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
2. The member must pay his/her dues in full by the first payment deadline to be considered. A member who has not paid his/her dues in full will not be eligible for inactive status.
3. The member must have been an inducted member for one year (two semesters) with the exception of issues related to physical health problems.
4. Inactive status may be maintained for one semester after which the member will return to active status for a minimum of one semester before his/her reapplication to inactive status, with exception to physical health problems.
5. Inactive members are required to participate in the Pledge Ceremony and Ritual Ceremony, subject to fines for non-attendance.
Article II. Chapter Officers
I. The officers shall be President 1st Vice-president, 2nd Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Warden, Music Director, Publicity Director, Chaplain, Historian, and Pianist (voted upon).
II. Any active member in good standing shall be eligible to hold office.
III. Nomination of officers.
a. Primary officers.
i. One must be a member in good standing for at east one (1) year except when membership numbers do not permit.
ii. Nomination shall be discussed three (3) to four (4) weeks prior to elections. Nominees may take this opportunity to decline.
b. Secondary Officers.
i. Any member in good standing may be nominated for and hold a secondary office.
IV. Nomination of officers.
a. Primary officers.
i. The primary officers shall be elected at the end of the spring semester for the following academic year.
ii. The president shall vote only in the case of a tie.
b. Secondary Officers.
i. The election of secondary officers shall take place concurrently with the primary officer election.
ii. Voting by secret ballot is permissible but not mandatory.
Article III. Requirements for New Membership
I. Eligibility.
a. Only those students who intend to seriously pursue either a music major, minor, or equivalent of a music minor shall be eligible for membership.
b. All perspective pledges shall have received and maintained at a least a B average in music courses. They shall further have achieved and maintained a C average in all other courses.
II. Election to collegiate membership.
a. A candidate for membership shall have the affirmative vote of three-fourths of all chapter members in good standing. There shall be no limit to the number of times the name of any candidate may be proposed. Before or after a candidate's acceptance, an invitation to membership may be withdrawn by a three-fourths majority vote.
b. A written bid, preferably engraved, shall be extended to the prospective pledge. The pledge shall be presented the fraternity colors or a pledge pin, to be worn until initiation.
c. A pledge shall pass a written exam by eighty-eight percent (88%) or more.
d. The pledge period shall not exceed four to eight (4-8) weeks.
e. The active membership shall schedule a tentative vote on candidates no later than two weeks prior to initiation. Any candidate receiving a negative vote shall be counseled by the President and 1st Vice-president. A final vote shall be held no later than one week prior to initiation. A three-fourths majority affirmative vote is required.
III. The 1st Vice-president shall be in charge of the pledge period. She/He shall act as liaison between the pledges and the active membership. She/He shall obtain prior approval for all pledge activities.
Article IV. Meetings and Activities
I. Meetings.
a. Required meetings.
i. At least three meetings shall be held each month of the academic year. The day, hour, and week shall be designated during the first meeting of the year.
1. The first monthly meeting shall be primarily a business meeting. Other activities may also be scheduled.
2. Once a month there shall be at least one (1) performance by a member of DO.
a. Each member shall perform on one open musicale per semester.
b. One musicale per semester shall be open to the public.
c. All other performances for musicale credit must be either a solo, duet, or trio of standard college repertoire.
3. The third monthly meeting shall be primarily a pledge meeting.
4. Excuses must be given in at least three (3) days for scheduled activities and within twenty-four (24) hours for scheduled meetings to be considered.
a. Must be written and given to the Secretary or President.
b. Any excuse offered after the missed meeting shall be considered at the discretion of the President, with the option to then discuss with the fraternity.
c. An excuse will be defined as
i. a family emergency,
ii. an illness,
iii. a class or rehearsal of which the schedule is not dictated by the student,
iv. and previously arranged family affairs.
b. Extra meetings. Additional meetings shall be held as deemed necessary by the President, or as requested by one-third of the active members. Twelve (12) hours notification shall be given prior to the meeting. All members are obligated to attend extra meetings.
c. Tardiness.
i. A tardy will be fined as entrance to meeting after the minutes of the previous meeting are read.
ii. Two unexcused tardies will be equal to one unexcused absence.
II. Meeting procedure.
a. The Warden shall administer the handshake and require the password before each member enters for formal meetings.
b. The President shall call the meeting to order and preside. In the President's absence the 1st Vice-president shall preside.
c. The keynote shall be sung.
d. The Secretary shall read the minutes from the previous meeting.
e. The Treasurer shall report on the financial status.
f. The meeting shall conclude with a devotional by the Chaplain followed by the singing of the "The Prayer of Delta Omicron."
III. Activities.
a. Activity agreed to by a majority of members is binding on all members. Each person is required to participate proportionately or accept appropriate fines (Article V).
b. The chapter shall sponsor one musical activity a month that will benefit both the fraternity and other interested persons. The activity shall be sponsored solely by Delta Omicron. Any worthwhile activity is acceptable, subject to majority approval.
IV. Conduct and Dress.
a. Conduct.
i. Members shall treat each other with all due respect, always remembering the ideals set forth in the Ritual Ceremony.
ii. Member shall give total attention to the proceedings; no distraction will be tolerated.
iii. Violations of the conduct code are subject to a vine (Article V).
b. Dress.
i. Members shall dress appropriately for meetings.
1. No shorts or jeans shall be worn at formal meetings.
2. Badges are never worn with jeans.
a. Badges shall always be worn to formal meetings.
b. Badges shall be placed near the heart.
c. It shall be treated as a symbol of Delta Omicron's ideals at all times.
3. Pledge Pins are to be worn near the heart for the duration of the pledge period.
4. Members shall dress appropriately every Thursday to display professionalism and unity within the fraternity.
5. Appropriate dress excludes jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. For any other question, see chapter president.
6. Ritual dress shall include, for females, white dress pants, dresses, or skirts with white shirts and white shoes. For males, white pants, white dress shirt (long and short sleeves acceptable), and white shoes. If white pants cannot be found, light khaki pants may be substituted. If white shoes cannot be found, dress shoes (not black) may be substituted.
Article V. Finances
I. Dues.
a. National dues of $25 (subject to change) shall be collected by the treasurer from each member in September of each year.
b. Chapter dues of $35 according to each member's payment plan:
i. A: Payment in full by September 7.
ii. B: Half and Half: Half by September 7 and the other half by February 7.
iii. C: Quarterly: First payment due by September 7, the second by November 7, the third payment by February 7, and the final payment by April 7.
iv. Penalties: If a member fails to pay by his/her date, there will be a grace period of two (2) business days. Once the second day has passed, he/she shall be charge $10.
II. Fines.
a. Actions subject to fines are as follows.
i. Unexcused absence from meetings: $10.
ii. Improper dress (not wearing badge, etc) or conduct: $5.
iii. Failure to participate in a scheduled activity: $5.
iv. Failure to turn in reports: $5 per day.
v. Neglect of duties that cause postponement of a function: $25.
vi. Unexcused absence from the Pledge Ceremony: $30.
vii. Unexcused absence from the Ritual Ceremony: $30.
III. All monetary obligations shall be cleared by the end of the current semester. Members who fail to comply shall no longer be in good standing (exceptions shall be at the discretion of the Treasurer).
IV. Fundraising projects.
a. The fraternity shall set the goal of raising no less than $250 per year, not including dues.
b. The treasury checking account shall have no less than $200 at the end of the academic year.
Article VI. Voting
I. Voting shall be by secret ballot at the discretion of the President or upon the request of two or more active members.
II. A vote, once taken and entered into the fraternity minutes, shall not be subject to revote, unless three-fourths of the total membership desires.
III. Absentee voting. In all cases where secret ballot is not mandatory, absentee voting is permissible. The warden must receive a written ballot prior to the scheduled meeting. Evidence of this ballot must be retained.
Article VII. Amending and Revising Chapter Bylaws
I. Amendments.
a. Any article of the bylaws, or clause thereof, is subject to amendment. A three-fourths majority affirmative vote, based upon the number f members in good standing that are present, shall be required to amend any portion of the Chapter Bylaws. The vote shall occur at a scheduled meeting time.
II. Revisions of Chapter Bylaws.
a. Revisions of Chapter Bylaws shall occur every five years or unless deemed necessary by the chapter.
i. The President shall appoint a chairman for a Chapter Bylaws Revision Committee. Membership on the committee shall be on a volunteer basis.
ii. The committee shall have no fewer than five members.
iii. Revision shall be conducted with caution. No deliberate attempt shall be made to deviate from the limits established by the National Bylaws.
iv. Revised Chapter Bylaws shall be presented to the fraternity for ratification. A three-fourths majority vote of the members in good standing present is required.
Article VIII. Non-Discrimination Policy
The Omicron Psi Chapter shall not discriminate against a member of prospective member based upon race, religion, creed, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.
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