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Annie's Favorite Clarinet Sheet Music & Accessories

Annie Kay
Favorite Clarinet Sheet Music & Accessories
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, USA

When I first started playing the clarinet, I had no idea what I was doing.
With a little practice and determination, I came to be a pretty good clarinet player.
I love to share my passion for the clarinet with people around me.

When I was first beginning to play the clarinet, I had to have a lot of reeds on hand because I kept breaking them.
I used the cheaper ones at first and then the more expensive ones as I got better.
I also have fun, flavored ones that I practice with.

Rico Clarinet Reeds - 2 1/2
Mitchell Lurie Reeds - 3

Flavoreeds - Blue Raspberry
Flavoreeds - Bubble Gum
Flavoreeds - Cherry
Flavoreeds - Cinnamon
Flavoreeds - Grape
Flavoreeds - Mint
Flavoreeds - Orange
Flavoreeds - Pina Colada
Flavoreeds - Strawberry
Flavoreeds - Watermelon

Reed Flavoring - Bubble Gum
Reed Flavoring - Spearmint

I tried propping music up on my clarinet case, it didn't work.
I tried playing the music when it was on the table, couldn't see it well.
I finally bought a music stand.
It was a really good investment for my playing because I wasn't frustrated.
I also got the floor protectors because my Mom would not have been happy if I scratched the floor.
Manhasset Music Stand
Floor Protectors
Music Stand Light
Cup Holder
Folding Music Stand

Korg Chromatic Tuner - a good thing to have when practicing
Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit - broke a few mouthpieces when I was learning to play
Reedguard - keeps reeds nice and safe

It's very important to practice if you want to be any good.
Remember: Practice makes permanent, not perfect.
Essential Elements 2000 - Book 1 full of good practice exercises
Essential Elements 2000 - Play-along CD Set (Book 1) - great CD to use when practicing the exercises in the Book 1
Essential Elements 2000 - Book 2 - full of good practice exercises, a little harder than Book 1
Essential Elements 2000 - Play-along CD Set (Book 2) - great CD to use when practicing the exercises in the Book 2
Rubank Elementary Method - Clarinet - good practice exercises for beginners
Rubank Intermediate Method - Clarinet - good exercises after you've gotten the hang of 'elementary'

I think that videos are a good teaching tool.
Here are some videos that I've used.
Ultimate Beginner Series - Volume 1
Ultimate Beginner Series - Volume 2

I perform at contests doing the school year.
Most have classical music requirements.
Here are some of the songs that I've performed.
Mozart - Clarinet Concerto In A Major - really awesome clarinet piece
Mozart for the Clarinet - great music to play
Advanced Contest Solos - I'm practicing these now!
First Chair Clarinet Solos - I'm practicing these now, too!
Classical Solos - great for practice
Play Bach - 8 songs to play

I really like hymns.
They sound so beautiful when played on the clarinet.
Sounds of Celebration - 10 great hymns
Sounds of Celebration - Accompaniment CD
Sounds of Celebration, Volume 2 - 10 wonderful gospel songs
Sounds of Celebration, Volume 2 - Accompaniment CD
Favorite Hymns - one of my favorite books

Disney Solos - I love Disney!!
Selections from "Star Wars" - Music by John Williams - I love the music from Star Wars.
Favorite Movie Themes - music from "Mr. Holland's Opus", "Apollo 13", "Forrest Gump"
My Heart Will Go On and Other Movie Hits - music from "Titanic", "Evita", "My Bestfriend's Wedding"

I really like playing what I hear on the radio, too.
I'm also a Beatles fan!
The Best of the Beatles - a lot of my favorite songs
Benny Goodman - Composer / Artist, Clarinet Solos with Piano Accompaniment - Benny was a great clarinet player
Music of George Gershwin - I love Gershwin's music.
Disney Movie Favorites - music from "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin"
God Bless America & Other Patriotic Favorites - full of great patriotic songs
15 Top Hits of 2000 - songs from the radio

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