Capital Callers and Cuers Assocation

May 15, 2005




Attending: Ralph Lambert, Richard and Karen Ball, Lloyd Larson, Doug Wilken, Larry Duprey, Goldie and Earl Restorff, Jim and Joyce Vole, Georgia Bailey, Ken and Nona Eslinger


Guests:††††† George and Nancy Clark, Sandy Harris, Kirby Good, Judy Russel


Minutes:††† Minutes were read and approved as corrected


Treasury Report:†††††††† Approved as read


Delegate Report:

       There was 100% attendance.

       The change to remove the limit of one person per family to hold office.

       Club logo was requested by Monday 5/16 for the club logo to be used at nationals.


Vice President: Requested a workshop presentation for the September meeting.


Old Business:

       The clothing left over from the CCCA spring dance will be donated to the Lebonan Square Circlers to be sold at the Strawberry Festival.

       CCCA will donate $1,094.50 to purchase of the Salem Square Dance Center. This will buy CCCA two voting shares in the Salem Square Dance Center.

       The CCCA representative to the Salem Square Dance Center will be appointed by the CCCA President.

       Doug will put an ad in the Salem Statesman Journal for Goldie and Earlís 50th Wedding Anniversary Dance in August.


New Business:

       Discussed setting up Red Cross CPR class so that we can get our cards updated.

       There will be no record review this summer.


Good of the Order:

       Toledo 49erís had 15 callers at their Newport Days festival.


We had a 10 minute break and then George Clark did a presentation on Dance Master and Square View computer programs. George did an excellent job.