CCCA Meeting minutes

February 20, 2005


Attending: Bruce Lowther, Ken & Nona Eslinger, Ralph & Linda Lambert, Doug & Janet Wilkin, Larry Dupray, Goldie & Earl Restorff, Paul Cooper, Richard & Karen Ball, Leonard Snodgrass


Guests: Nancy Lundy, Judy Russell

BOARD MEETING: Started at 1:15.

We discussed officer nominations. The board is responsible for presenting a slate of nominees at the March meeting.


Board meeting ended 1:20


Meeting started 1:30

Treasurer Report: Approved as read. The balance as of January 30 was $1,359.69.


After some discussion it was decided that the Treasury Reports will be for a calendar month instead of meeting to meeting .


Delegate Report:

       $500 to buy a share in the Salem Square Dance Center.

       Nominations for Randal Award are to be submitted to the MWA by Monday, Feb. 21st.



       Diamond Lake flyers for July 23, 2005.

       Fred Beem paid for two years.

       Started calling for a club in New Mexico; they have live music every other dance.


Old Business: None


New Business:

       Discussed Randal award

       Spring Dance

       Officers Current officers are willing to serve another year. No other nominees


Good of the Order:

       March 5 youth benefit dance

       May 12 Thursday 7:30 10 PM there is a birthday dance for Ken Esilinger. Ken, Charlotte Jeskey, and Larry Schaumburg are calling the dance. The dance is free.


No square dance work shop

Round of Month: Except For Monday

R/D Workshop: Turning Boxes by Goldie.