CCCA Minutes for September 19, 2004



No board meeting was held.


Ralph called the general meeting to order at 1:30 pm.  Silent roll call: in attendance:  Ralph, Lloyd, Larry, Doug & Janet, Richard & Karen, and Linda Lambert.


Ralph read the minutes for June 2004 – approved as read.  Thank you to Joyce Voll for takng the minutes.  Approved by Doug and Lloyd.


Lloyd gave the Treasury report.  Balance as of September 19 is $1,160.84.  A $.45 difference from bank records was noted and included in the beginning total for September 2004.  Approved by Janet and Karen.


Area delegate report was given by Ralph.  No Meeting was held in June as many of the delegates and officers were attending the Denver Convention.  The round dance selection was made at the July meeting.  Do’s and Don’t’s  shown by Ralph and Linda was chosen for the round of the month for October 2004.  The area calendars were available at the August meeting.  (They have been distributed to our officers .)  Remaining copies are available for 35 cents.  Oregon State directories will be available at the September area meeting.  Oregon State meeting is being held in Boring Oregon this weekend.


Correspondence:  A thank you card was sent to the CCCA from Jan Charters.


Janet will continue on as Sunshine chairperson.  Karen reported that Jan Charters is doing better from her stroke.


No reports from the caller or cuer coordinators.


Old business:  Profit from the Spring Dance - $192.50 – 58 dancers in attendance.


New Business:  Ralph will e-mail the schedule of the host dates to all active members.  He will continue to send reminder e-mails to all of us for the CCCA meetings.  Richard’s calendar and monthly workshop programs will be discussed at the October meeting.  Be prepared with some new and informative ideas for workshop topics.


For Good of the Order:  A Big thank you to Janet and Doug for the lovely picnic held at their home in August.  Doug reported that the Englewood Twirlers will be dark for October and Karen reminded us that Capital 8’s will hold their last dance Sept. 25.  Richard noted the Salem Square Dance Center is up fro sale.  Toledo 49er’s lessons are being held in Newport on Sundays from 2 to 4 pm.


It was moved and approved to postpone Ralph’s program on “MC’ing A Dance”  It will be the topic for our October meeting. 


Topic ideas discussed:  Daryl to finish caller critiques,  Round dance workshops on phase 3(now included in Square dance level dances of the month).


Richard cued the group through the October round Do’s and Don’ts.


Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted, Karen Ball