Capital Callers and Cuers Association

Minutes for January 16, 2005



The general meeting was called to order at 1:30



Daryl & Yvonne Clendenan, Larry Dupray, Ralph Lambert,  Earl & Goldie Restorff, Richard Ball, Paul Cooper, Doug and Janet Wilkins, Joan Veilloux, Leonard Snodgrass, Lloyd Larson



Bob Ewing, Judy Russell, Nancy Lundy, Janice Pederson



Bruce read the minutes for the November and December meetings. Both Minutes were  approved as read. During break it was pointed out I had spelled Joan and Yvonne’s name incorrectly. My applogies and I have corrected December and January’s minutes.


Treasury Report:

Lloyd had identified a clerical error in the books since July when he took over. His accounting software (Quicken) was subtracting the monthly web bill twice. Lloyd has submitted corrections for each month. Anyone wanting details can contact Lloyd.


The Treasury Report was read and was approved as read. The account balance as of the end of December 2004 was: $1,352.64


MWA Delegate Report:

Goldie reported that the MWA has changed the criteria for callers calling at the MWA New Dancers Dance. It used to be that in order to call at the MWA New Dancers dance you were required to be teaching a class for an MWA club. The new rules are that any caller calling or teaching a class for a MWA club can call at the MWA New Dancers dance.






No Report


Caller Coordinator:

No Report


Cuer Coordinator:

No Report



Old Business:   


·       Workshop scheduling need volunteers

·       Everyone was congratulated for staying within the dance program for the CCCA New Daner Dance.

·       There were several favorable comments about our family entrance fee. It was recommended that we keep the family rate.

·       The email notice for the CCCA monthly meeting is very appreciated. However not everyone is getting them because of limited access to their email. Ralph volunteered to send the Email notice out on the Monday prior to the meeting.

·       It was suggested that the Meeting status (i.e. cancelled or changed) be put on the CCCA website. Bruce said he would be happy to do that if someone lets him know of the change.

·       Bruce verbally reviewed some changes he has made on the CCCA Website.

o      On the membership list word “Website” was placed next to the name of any caller or cuer who has a website. All you need to do is click on the caller/cuer’s name or the word website. This came from a concern Roger had talked to Bruce about.

o      The meeting minutes and workshop notes (where available) have been added to the bottom of the main page of the CCCA Webpage. Any notices about changes or cancellations will be in the same place.

o      It was suggested that the web link to the minutes be supplied with the email notification Bruce sends out.

·       Discussed visiting other areas when there are opportunities to get together with other callers in their area or invite all callers to a CCCA activity.

·       Discussion about a possible State caller association. See Leonard if you have questions.


New business:

·       Callerlab Survey - ARTS is looking at the demographics of callers and cuers. The survey was passed out at the meeting to be filled out by those present. Call Lloyd to get a copy of the survey.

·       There was a question about the Spring dance scheduling for 2005. Bruce was asked to verify that we have the square dance center for April 30, 2005.

o      Update – Bruce was able to confirm the reservation with Ray Waltz


Good of the Order:

·       The Englewood Twirlers new dancer dance has been rescheduled to February 19th.

·       There is a Sunday Plus dance in Woodburn on January 23rd.

·       The Toledo 49er’s need cuers for their Loyalty Days dance (first weekend in May).


The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.


Joan Veilleux gave a workshop on tax preparation. Joan did a very good job.


Daryl Clendenan did some caller critiquing for any callers who requested it. This was a positive experience and was helpful to everyone present.