Capitol Callers and Cuers Associan

November 21, 2004




Attending:  Richard & Karen Ball, Daryl & Yevonne Clendennan, Joan Veileux, Larry Dupray, Goldie & Earl Restorff, and Lloyd Larson.


Minutes: Karen read October meetings minute. The minutes were approved as read.


Treasurers Report: Lloyd read the treasurer’s report and it was approved. The account balance was $912.54.


Correspondance: No Report.


Sunshine: No Report.


Caller Coordinator: No Report.


Cuer Coordinator: No Report.


Area Delegate: Goldie reported that:

·       Randal Award forms are available if you want to nominate someone for the award.

·       The January 2005 round of the month is “Dancing Like Lovers II”.

·       Capitol 8’s has officially disbanned and has presented their bank account balance to Dornbecker Hospital in Portland.

·       Sale of Square Dance Center is still on track. The cost of the property and desired improvements is $200,000. People can by shares in the Square Dance Center for $1,000 per share. One share gives you one vote in managing the Square Dance Center.

·       Mid-Willamette Area voted to purchase 5 shares in the Salem Square Dance Center for $5,000.

·       Ambassador Banners presented for approval and vote. The cost is $25 each


Old Buiness:

·       Tabled for later discussion:

o      Email & Website report our meetings and agenda and workshop topics for the next meeting.

o      Get together with callers in Portland and Emerald Empire

o      Callerlab and Orta Connections

·       Association dance December 19, 2004

o      Short business meeting at noon before the dacne

o      Bring door prizes and finger food

o      Stay within level scheduled


Yevonne cued “Steal Away” for audition. Yevonne was accepted for membership. Congratulations and welcome!! (bl)


Meeting was adjorned at 2:30 PM


Richard presented a short workship on the figure “Whaletail”.


Joan cued December’s round of the month “One Waltz With You”.


Record review


Respectfully submitted by Karen Ball