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The Death of Rock: Tributes

Although all the Rock & Roll deaths catalogued in the Archive are tragic, certain passings seem especially poignant. The complicated details of events deserve a more thorough explanation than a regular entry in the Archive would allow. This page is the gateway to several Tributes, many of which include narratives of the performer's life, photos, lists of awards, an overview of the musician's career, circumstances surrounding the person's death, and photos of the artist's grave and/or memorials. Links to related documents are also included, such as National Transportation and Safety Board Reports (if the death was the result of a plane crash), coroner's reports and death certificates.

Some of the information contained within the Tributes tends to lean on the morbid side; it is provided for the sake of a complete record of events. Anything deemed especially macabre has a link to it - not an initially displayed image or description - for people who do not appreciate those kind of surprises.

Utilize the menu, below, to visit the Tribute you are interested in.

Tributes currently exist for (in chronological order):