Thanks to Agent D (from Storybox), Steven Cochran (from Eloquent and Royal Visionaries), and Brian Hazard (from Color Theory) for recording promo spots for the AeschTunes radio station.

Thanks to the following artists for allowing us to interview them for the interviews that appear on the AeschTunes website: Mike Allred (from EuroVision), Joey Belville (from The Echoing Green), Brooke Edwards (from Glow), Wil Foster (from Sheltershed), Marcus Geltner (from Rename), War-N Harrison (from Hungry Lucy), Brian Hazard (from Color Theory), Kirk Hilbelink (from The Dignity Of Labour), Reagan Jones (from Iris), Albert Martinez (from Neuropa), Midihead (from Monolithic), Mark Nicholas (formerly from Cosmicity), Joe Ramey (from EuroVision and Brand New Day), Rockell, Andrew Sega (from Iris), and David Sterry (from Real Life).

Thanks to the following artists for sending us promo CDs and MP3s (or made material available for free download) over the past few years: Adrenaline Sky, Aier Sauft, Gabriel Aliman, Alister Doomington, All:My:Faults, Antique Toys, Atomica, Jenn August, Basic Pleasure Model, bloodWIRE, Bobbyblue, Brand New Day, Kevin Burdick, Marc Wallace Bass, Canal Pop, Carved Souls, ChamberFlow, Collide, BJ Cunningham, Cyber Joe, Emmeline Darko, Death First, deZeption, DIGO, Dirty Halo, DJ Chad Kremer, DJ Jaxx, DJ Jon Hershfield, DJ Tatiana, DLP.CA, Catherine Duc, Melissa Dori Dye, Dynamix, Eight To Infinity, Electric Sex, Ella Blame, EuroVision, Everyday Jones, Ezert, The Echoing Green, Fake The Envy, Vince Falzone, Flux, The Future Process, Giving For The Call, Glow, Guilty By Design, Habit Forming, Harmony Of Lies, Havablast, HavocHate, Helios, Hello Nurse, Hex Machine, i:scintilla, Fremont John, Juniper, Just Offshore, Keilah, Laura Krier, A Lesson In Chaos, Lix, Lo Mass Republic, Lowenbad, Andy Mac, Machine Made Pleasure, Madelin Zero, Manny, M. Matlock, Melancholieia, Grayson Millar, Dave Montana/Storybox, MyDash, The Mystic Underground, nathanieljames, No Fixed Adobe, Noble Gas, Nouvelle Culture, November Process, Wayne Numan, OctoLab, One Second Fame, The Opal Drops, Organism, Ouzo The Band, Robin Overall, Papa Satch, Penmanship, Pristina, Provision, Racecar, Gary Revel, Rhythmic Symphony, Richter, Nick Rockwell, Rolanoid, Rupesh Cartel, SD6, Eve Selis, Sheltershed, Short Term Surface, Someone's Story, Matt Springfield, Spurious!, Stand Alone Burner, Darren Stewart-Jones, The Thought Criminals, Tristraum, Tritium, Venomocean, David Vesel, Vividity, Voicst, The Winston Giles Orchestra, Way Of The Gun, Western Civ, World Bang, Y-LUK-O, and YoungFire.

Thanks to the following indie record labels for sending us promo CDs and MP3s over the years: Amathus Music, Cordless Recordings, Section 44, and Woobie Bear Music.

Thanks to the following websites for providing free music downloads over the past few years (which helped us to be able to keep our New Music Showcase going!): (providing links to free synthpop MP3s at,,,,, iTunes (free songs of the week), and

A very special thank you to EuroVision for donating a CD as one of the prizes for the only contest AeschTunes ever held (back in December 2004).

A thank you to the underground synthpop scene, for making the music that YOU want to make, rather than the kind of music the suits at the major labels would want you to make.

A very special thank you to Todd Durrant and A Different Drum, for helping to foster the underground synthpop scene. Between the online store and the label, you have done so much to help keep this music alive. Todd, it's always a pleasure doing business with you when we buy CDs through A Different Drum's online store. Over the nearly four years AeschTunes has been on the air, we've played quite a bit of material from the A Different Drum label. :) Please, folks, support independent synthpop. A Different Drum is definitely the best place to purchase synthpop music, whether it's A Different Drum artists, other independent synthpop material, or even some of the "big names" (i.e. Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, etc.)

Another very special thank you to Section 44, for believing in us and sending us promo discs from the label. We also appreciate being allowed to promote AeschTunes on the Section 44 forums -- hopefully, we weren't too obnoxious!

Another special thank you to Agent D (from Storybox). Thank you for all your support of AeschTunes!

And a special thank you to C89.5 FM (KNHC), which broadcasts out of Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, Washington. Your influence on our musical tastes over the course of AeschTunes is evident by looking at our charts. While the influence may not be as strong today as it was when the chart first started, there's still a bit on the chart even today that we were first exposed to through C89.5 (Danielle Bollinger, Scissor Sisters, Nemesis, Plumb, Da Buzz, Cascada, Matt Darey, and Lucas Prata, just to name a few).

And, last but not least, a BIG thank you to anyone who has ever listened to the AeschTunes internet radio station during its existence. Even if you only listened for five seconds and didn't like what you heard, we still appreciate the fact that you were interested enough to at least check us out.

I'm sure I've forgotten some people in all of this, and if I did, I apologize. Even if you were overlooked, please know that we do appreciate you. :)

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