Click here to see the chart for the final playlist or here for the final post show.

The regular rotation for AeschTunes was based off of the last four published AeschTunes Top 40 charts. Every Saturday we provided our listeners with a "sneak preview" of the next week's chart.

The show kicked off at approximately 5:00 Pacific (GMT-08:00) and ran roughly three and a half hours. During the last half hour or so of the scheduled program, we had a specially created "post-show" that we ran. The post-show was made up of songs that weren't in the current chart; these could be songs from previous charts, songs from prior to the chart existing, and songs from our various specialty programs.

We also ran three "extras" during the chart - usually after every ten songs. These extras were songs that had been specially selected for inclusion, usually based off of a theme; Romantic Songs, b-sides of singles, previews of upcoming shows on the station, or whatever else we thought of. The extras were prefaced with commentary by us, giving a little background on the track and why we selected it.

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