[This Is The Way]

"This Is The Way" [promo]
Border Blue Records
Release Date: Exact release date unknown

This Is The Way is a promotional CD sampler that was sent to us by Blue Audio. The three tracks on the CD ("This Is The Way," "Break Me Down," and "The Road") are all synthpop songs.

"This Is The Way" is an upbeat song that makes you want to dance. The track is filled with positivity (with lyrics such as "'Cause I... I know that you could be free/Way up in the sky.../This is the way that it's got to be").

"Break Me Down" is another upbeat, danceable number (musically, I could easily hear this one being played in a club). However, this song is not a positive one like "This Is The Way." "Break Me Down" is a song that talks about being deceived by someone who you thought cared about you.

"The Road" is a midtempo track. It is a song about loving someone, but having to leave them. The speaker of the song talks about having troubles with his significant other, and walks away instead of trying to work through the problems in the relationship; the speaker also shows regret about not trying to work things out. Of the three songs, this one is my favorite, followed by "This Is The Way" and "Break Me Down."

While the songs on this sampler don't sound as slickly produced as material from a major record label, they are still very good and solid synthpop tracks. If you like synthpop, I would recommend visiting Blue Audio's website (the URL is listed below) to hear these three songs, as well as more of his material.

(reviewed by Lesley Muir on November 6, 2002)

Blue Audio
This Is The Way [promo]
Border Blue Records
Listen to Blue Audio at: www.blueaudio.com
  • This Is The Way
  • Break Me Down
  • The Road

All songs on the disc written by John W. Wu

All songs on the disc produced by John W. Wu
Review © 2002 Lesley Muir Aeschliman
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