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"Sampler" [promo]
A Different Drum
Release Date: Exact release date unknown

Sampler was a promotional CD sent to us with an order we received from A Different Drum (a mail-order music store/independent synthpop record label). All three of the songs that appear on the CD almost sound like they could have been recorded and released in the 1980's (although there are some more "modern" sounds in the mixing that make you realize that the songs are not 20 years old). All three tracks on the disc are synthpop songs.

The first song, "The Story Of A Star," talks about someone who wants to be a star and wants to be famous; the speaker of the song is trying to tell this person, "There's more to the story of a star that lives inside your head." In other words, the speaker is trying to say that fame isn't as glamorous as it looks. Of the three songs on the disc, this one is my favorite.

"Circles," the next song on the disc, is a very fun, upbeat song, and very good to dance to. Sample lyrics: "There I go, running in circles, as the Earth spins around/One minute I feel on top, and the next second you see, I'm brought down..."

"My Secret Eyes" is the last track on the CD, and is also the slowest one on the disc (it is midtempo, while the other two are uptempo). In addition to the synthesizers, the song also incorporates some Latin guitar sounds. The musical break in the middle is kind of nice (you hear some electric guitar and some strings added to the mix). In my opinion, "My Secret Eyes" is the weakest song on the disc.

From listening to this CD, it's obvious that Madrid is influenced by the sound of '80s music. This sampler was a good way to hear some of the group's material; however, I'd like to be able to hear more of their work to see if their full-length album would be worth adding to my collection.

(reviewed by Lesley Muir on November 6, 2002)

Sampler [promo]
A Different Drum
  • The Story Of A Star
  • Circles
  • My Secret Eyes

All songs on the disc written by Lou Francese

It is not known who produced the songs on the disc
Review © 2002 Lesley Muir Aeschliman
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