[The Breakdown Of Fashion]

"The Breakdown Of Fashion"
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Love Association is the new group formed by Jesse Dworak, a former member of The Echoing Green. Joey Belville, one of the members of The Echoing Green, produced all the songs on The Breakdown Of Fashion. Even with Joey's touch on the project, it really doesn't sound all that much like something from The Echoing Green (the only exception being the bassline in "Ashly's Kiss," which bears quite a resemblance to The Echoing Green's song "December"). Musically, the songs on The Breakdown Of Fashion primarily feature guitar and drums, although you can hear some keyboards and synthsizers in the mix. Jesse Dworak, who provides the lead vocals for the band, can sound quite a bit like Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor at times, especially during the song "Model." Lyrically, the songs seem to have a common theme running through them (concerning the not-so-positive interactions with the opposite sex).

Most of the songs on The Breakdown Of Fashion are uptempo, with the main exception being "Low." "Low" is the slowest song on the disc, but even then, it is still a midtempo track. The hardest song on the disc would be "Fashion"; the heavy guitar and drums make you want to do some good old-fashioned heavy metal "head banging." The weakest song on The Breakdown Of Fashion is "Vegas," which also happens to be the longest song on the disc; the ending of the song becomes rather repetitive, both musically and lyrically. Perhaps "Vegas" would have been stronger if the ending was a little shorter. In my opinion, "Model" and "Ashly's Kiss" are the best songs on the CD.

I would recommend The Breakdown Of Fashion to anyone who can appreciate hard rock music mixed with synthesizers and melodies.

(reviewed by Lesley Muir on October 29, 2002)

Love Association
The Breakdown Of Fashion
May be purchased from www.mp3.com/loveassociation
  • Model
  • Ashly's Kiss
  • Fashion
  • Low
  • Vegas

All songs on the disc written by Jesse Dworak

All songs on the disc produced by Joey Belville
Review © 2002 Lesley Muir Aeschliman
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